Alexa How Email and Social Media Marketing Integration Impact Business

How Social and Email Marketing Integration Impact Your Business

Marketing | by Patricia Jones
Social and email marketing integration

How Social and Email Marketing Integration Impact Your Business, let’s learn the secrets of it and try to understand how they are changing the marketing dynamics. Marketers are in constant search to find the most foolproof marketing method that will always score a home run with customers. Email marketing and social media marketing both have emerged as essential weapons in one’s marketing portfolio. But often they are treated as standalone systems without really realizing their common objective. There are also some ideas that email marketing is dead and can’t fetch as much results as it used to do before the social era. But the reality can’t be further from the truth. When email marketing and social media marketing just work fine as standalone systems together they create a synergy that can be unbeatable in the hands of marketing managers.

CMOs and marketing managers looking to optimize the reach of their marketing campaign therefore mustn’t ignore either. In this article we have discussed how social and email marketing can collaborate to create a perfect marketing mix. However, interestingly both social media and email marketing now can be conducted from one’s CRM solution.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a part of direct marketing campaign when commercial, solicitous messages are sent to potential customers to promote product and services. It is of broadcasting nature and expected to bring more direct results.

Email marketing normally happens over a period of time. You may receive periodical mails from the merchant with whom you have listed your mail id. The history of email marketing is as old as the history of emails. Its quick and immediate nature made it a favorite choice for marketing campaigns almost instantly. Today, around the globe there are over 3.375 billion active email accounts. If we consider every individual to have two email accounts the number comes to 1.68 billion people, which is greater than the population of the largest country in the world.

Email marketing can contain plain text emails, advertorials, direct promotional content, videos, newsletter and as well simple solicitous mails wishing birthdays and anniversaries. In a word, any email from a prospective seller is a part of email marketing.

Unlike before most part of email marketing now can be automated through custom CRM software tools that offer marketing automation solution.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing involves customer engagement on social sites. Rather than direct selling social media is mostly targeted to gain visibility and audience on the web world. It is relatively a new concept and is still at the budding stage. It is mostly targeted at engaging customers on social sites and encourages them to like, share, twit and discuss on various social platforms. A social media share is likely to fetch in more value since the action takes place in a trusted third-party site. Social media marketing can be called new form of word of mouth marketing.

While email marketing targets individuals; social media marketing targets larger audience at a time. Combining the two can help creating a marketing strategy that can have the best of both.

Social media marketing too can be managed through social CRM solutions that allow one integrating social feeds to one’s CRM interface.

In the modern scenario the customers are constantly searching to find what’s in the deal for them. Targeting only one method of marketing may fail to create a full-fledged impact. An email can be trashed or deleted and social announcement may be overlooked as they have shorter shelf life. But when the marketing content reaches both the inbox and the social profile of the customer it is likely to create better impact.

Individual vs global outreach

Email marketing fails miserably when it comes to outreach. You can’t send mass emails as they are likely to end up in the spam box of the recipient. On the other hand, social media can widen your scopes to reach out to more number of audiences at the same time. But social sites aren’t good for individual follow ups. It is also less targeted than emails. Hence, the social media platform must be used for broadcasting and emails as a reminder mechanism.

One can now pre-schedule an email marketing campaign to send mails at equal intervals. This is known as DRIP marketing.

Encourage sharing

When you create an interesting content you want to share it with your audience. More number of sharing will ensure more audience and hence, popularity. So, when you create content allow provisions for your readers to share it in their favorite form, i.e., on social web or emails. Offering buttons for social as well as emailing will encourage more visitors to share their favorite reads. This will help creating more value since the content is shared on third-party sites.

Encourage navigation

Integrating buttons to your email templates offering links to your social media profiles will help you get more visitors. While emails are expected to bring immediate results, social profiles are used to forge long term relationships. Allow your customer to join your fan page on social sites if they like your email content.

The effectiveness even of an excellently written email is immediate but through social pages the customer will link to you for longer period.

Similarly, if a visitor likes your content on social media allow him to subscribe to your email newsletter. This way you can always keep your visitors engaged.

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