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Where To Start While Creating A Unified End-To-End Service Excellence For Your Brand

CRM | by Patricia Jones
Easy to use CRM

Nowadays for catering to modern customers, brands must support a wide range of different touch-points using easy to use CRM software.

Now the question that arises is how can brands deliver an impeccable end-to-end experience that surpasses the expectations of your customers?

The real challenge for organizations is that nowadays service journey of brands can encompass a multitude of different touch-points, distributors, channels, and partners- and the consumers expect all of these components to work in tandem seamlessly.

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Broadly speaking these touch-points can be broken down into three main categories, and businesses that are willing to differentiate themselves with their service must explore how each of these pieces makes a contribution to delivering a unified end-to-end experience to the customers of their brands.

No-touch service

This touch-point covers self-service support solutions such as online knowledge base, phone lines, and chatbots.

Business seeking to provide end-to-end experience to their customers should be exploring questions in this touch-point such as:

  • How can you help customers help themselves?
  • How can you help customers to seek out solutions to their own issues, without ever having to engage them?
  • How can you possibly do that using Knowledgebase, IVR, Chatbots and/or online communities?

Low-touch service

This touch-point covers self-service support solutions such as social media, chat, email, and SMS.

Business seeking to provide end-to-end experience to their customers should be exploring questions in this touch-point such as:

  • When a customer is in contact, how can you find how they got to this point?
  • What info can you access that will aid in the conversation?

High-touch service

This support facility is concerned for more complex needs and thereby requires well-trained staffs, which also include field-support agents apart from partner networks to solve the issues.

Business seeking to provide end-to-end experience to their customers should be exploring questions in this touch-point such as:

  • How do you send a field support technician to fix the issues in a most effective way?
  • How can you select the field support technician who has the appropriate skills?
  • How do you understand whether it is best to use your field support agents or one from the partner ecosystem?
  • How do you find the field support agent who is in a closer geo-location to the customer?

Support infrastructure

The infrastructure that is required to be in place to help businesses answer all these questions must understand that a united end-to-end experience can be supported only by three key components that include:

  • Communications infrastructure
  • System of records
  • Customer listening platform

Communications infrastructure

With the right channel infrastructure in place, it is feasible to take all the different inputs and thereafter prioritize the customers appropriately.
Easy to use CRM is a business solution that helps you to connect to your social channels, phone lines, SMS gateways and so on.

Hence, if you are an SMB, best small business CRM software would ensure, that if a customer is emailing for support to your company, it will help you to read the email in the context of the importance of the customer, correlating the customer’s info from the easy to use CRM database , as opposed to just another email and let you understand that responding to that email could be more important than replying the ringing phone from another customer.

Systems of record

Having a system of record like cloud based easy to use CRM software helps support teams in businesses to manage the expectations of their customers.

For example, if there is a delay in shipment because of a natural calamity in North America, or if your organization needs someone with the right level of technical skills to solve the customer-facing issue, and you have just one person to accomplish the job and he is on a holiday for the next seven days, you need to have that understanding recorded into your system of records so that although customers do not like getting bad news, nevertheless they prefer to be informed than deal with a brand that is not aware of what is happening.

Customer listening

The final part of creating a united end-to-end experience is how your company’s support teams learn to listen and improve.

Now, traditionally VoC (Voice of the Customer) meant collecting an NPS (Net Promoter Score) at the end of every month to take a look and find how happy your customers are.
But, what happens if there is a major issue, can you wait until the end of the month to improve it?

Therefore it is extremely important that you should constantly listen to your customer feedbacks and work out means to engage and respond to their issues.

Using easy to use CRM software helps businesses to deliver real-time engagements, and thereby recognize and understand the pulse of the customer and also learn how to respond to their problems speedily.

Obstacles to overcome

Now, with all the technologies and tools readily available along with the growing awareness of the completive advantage of providing world-class customer experience, it does raise the question of why most businesses are not delivering unified end-to-end support excellence to their customers.

According to many it is believed that the tradition of “point solution” approaches is to be blamed, whereby businesses adopt a “sticking plaster approach” to solve tactical customer support challenges as and when they happen, rather than moving a step back to find a more holistic look at what is needed to improve the customer experience of their brands.

Therefore organizations that are encumbered by legacy infrastructures prevents them from delivering a joined-up experience and so using a business tool like easy to use CRM software that combines sales, marketing, collaborations, and support in a unified platform and is hence better aligned with the bigger goals of the company is the only solution for providing end-to-end service excellence to the customers which help eliminate creating tactical resolutions in isolation for your business growth.

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