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Why Startup Companies Need A CRM System?

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Why Startup Companies Need A CRM System?

Even before asking why businesses need CRM system, it is really important to understand exactly what a Customer Relationship Management system is.

In short, CRM is the practice of managing and analyzing customer interactions and feedback, with the ultimate goal of executing better customer relationship leading to customer retention in the long run.

Although CRM is a fairly new concept, this SaaS technology has so many inherent advantages, that most organizations of all sizes, from startups to big enterprises are quickly catching up with this platform.

Datachart from Salesforce Showing the Top 5 Marketing Metrics

Now the question we need to ask is, does your start-up establishment needs a CRM?

Why Startups Need a CRM System

Let us review a few points from this aspect:

  • Understanding a customer’s point of view often becomes difficult, due to several mismanagements of the communication chain. However, CRM ensures that literally nothing is lost in transition.
  • The latest research on customer experience shows that 88% of high performing marketing team acknowledges that in a customer journey strategy is essential for the success of overall marketing endeavors.
  • A workforce that comprises of all different aspects of any company is primarily important when you are dealing with any customer. CRM system helps this by unifying Marketing, Sales, Management, Finance, and Customer Service, which are of prime importance in this respect.
  • A dynamic converging CRM, like ConvergeHub, ensures that you can keep track of your progress with the customers no matter what devices you are using (PC, Tab, mobile etc.).
  • A CRM system can easily keep your organization up to date on sales and revenue aspects with the timely reports and since all these processes are completely automated, you can be very sure that you will never miss-out on an important benchmark once you use a CRM.
  • CRM is a scalable system, which ensures that you will never be at a disadvantage for want of more computation power.

Why your startup needs a CRM now?

The primary question lies not in whether you need a Customer Relationship Management system, but in why you do so. For example, ConvergeHub CRM, as opposed to pen and paper, is much easier to work.

To be honest, no company wants to remain as a startup forever and this is the main reason why CRM is important for all budding organizations.

As companies grow bigger, it slowly becomes inefficient in manually handling data and needs a platform that will help them to quickly organize and analyze data and identify their ideal customer base.

This is where CRM comes into play. CRM is also a platform for your sales team to meet and discuss central ideas, which are needed for identifying potential areas of growth that is most crucial for the development of any start-up organization.

Besides, CRM is also extremely useful as it brings everything from prospects, dashboards, sales orders, and invoices to automatic inventory under one roof.

CRM and Startups

As a startup, your main focus should be on finding the right prospect for your products and services and then maintain those valued customers for a long run.

According to Forrester, both large and small companies have shown more than 52% growth in lead volume after collaborating with a CRM service.


Hence, it is now an established fact beyond any doubts that CRM services actually leads to lead value generation over time, which gradually lowers the cost of operation in start-ups compared to manual safe keeping and representation of customer and sales data.

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