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5 Vital Things In Business That You Just Cannot Do With Spreadsheets

Productivity | by Patricia Jones
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Widespread usage of traditional business tools such as spreadsheets causes sales teams to make use of them for bigger jobs- jobs that spreadsheets are not meant for.
This is because sales activities conducted from shared spreadsheets places serious limitations and creates frustration on what your team can accomplish.
Now while spreadsheets are rightfully useful for data sorting and offer a way of organizing your contacts, they actually do not help you to make sales like any easy to use CRM software.

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Why Salespeople Use Spreadsheets?

Any change is scary.
Therefore, people fancy cobbling together a solution that they are comfortable with, since; it is less frightening than thinking about getting used to and learning a new program.

Additionally, most of us have access to a free online spreadsheet program or existing spreadsheet software on the desktops.

Yet these much familiar rows and columns simply are not created for managing collaborations, leads, customers and prospects with other members of sales, marketing, and support teams.

Try us. Here are 5 things you just cannot do with spreadsheets:

  1. View a chronological record of all interactions

A spreadsheet is capable of telling you when you primarily contacted a prospect but is incapable of doing anything more.
However, being able to view a chronological timeline of every single interaction with a prospect decimates the requirement to look into your notes before each sale call, and allows your sales reps to hand-off any prospect to a teammate, without the need to explain everything that has been discussed so far which can be only possible if you are using easy to use CRM for your business growth.

  1. Build a standardized sales process

Creating a standardized sales process begins with identifying the activities in sales that produce the best results for your sales teams, and turning those proven methods in sales into a formalized template that every one of your sales reps can follow.

The sales process is a strategic move that provides an easy means for training your fresh employees in sales, set targets, streamline sales efforts, and thereby build up a foundation of consistency that makes your sales teams more efficient and confident in their job.

There is no spreadsheet that can replicate the creation of a sales process which is one of the most important things that you can only do for your sales team with the help of easy to use CRM software .

  1. View status of your sales pipeline

There is nothing more challenging than searching through layers of spreadsheet data and trying to fetch a coherent and reliable sales forecast or analyze the state of the deals in progress.

However, there is also nothing more critical in any business than to understand your sales pipeline management and know how your sales are performing against their targets.

It is only a platform like easy to use CRM software that can provide you with a dashboard view of this crucial information for your business growth.

  1. Communicate and collaborate.

Although spreadsheets are shareable, however, it necessarily that does not mean that they are an excellent tool for collaboration.

This is because; the process of reviewing and editing a spreadsheet in tandem is an inefficient process.

The comment fields in the spreadsheet are meant for keeping brief notes, and not for back-and-forth communication.

It is only easy to use CRM that can help sales reps to trade notes, collaborate, and even receive notifications to move their prospects quickly through their sales pipelines.

  1. Integrate with other business tools.

Even what the best of spreadsheets can just do is to export data in CSV (Comma Separated Value), which is also not of much help if you cannot integrate the spreadsheet program with email platforms, or other support business software solutions most needed for the growth of your company.

Best easy to use CRM software solutions are all compatible with your business tools, which allow your staffs to work within an all-in-one CRM platform, instead of having to jump back and forth between multiple tools.


Therefore, unlike spreadsheets easy to use CRM is a software that helps your sales teams to gain control over their data, automate sales processes, fine-tune marketing and sales communications with prospects and customers, boost response time of your sales and support teams and thereby help in obliterating missed opportunities and enhance customer experience of your brand for rapid business growth.

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