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Three key lessons for sales managers

Sales | by Patricia Jones
Key lessons for sales managers

So you have hired a whole bunch of people for your sales process; also implemented the CRM with sales force automation module; and you regularly take morale boosting sessions too. Still your sales team is not giving you the desired numbers?

In spite of doing all, are you lacking somewhere?

We’ll tell you –

Is your sales team being too pushy?

We all know: As sales managers, you have immense responsibilities on your shoulders. Answering to the top management why the company sales did not meet the target is your headache. But that doesn’t mean that you make your sales reps too aggressive in the first stage.

It is this attitude of yours (My way or the Highway) that harms the sales reps’ approach. For them it becomes nothing but cracking the deal anyhow. Result: sales reps forget to first build a rapport with your prospects.

From the word go, they pitch the product/service aggressively, that scares off the prospects and makes them apprehensive.

Lesson to Learn:

Form the correct sales process and apply it in the CRM. Emphasize upon correct lead management i.e. building customer relationship with the prospects. Rework upon the sales pitch. Keep it friendly, positive and optimistic. Teach your team to never pass off any frustration to your prospects.

Is your sales team jumping to the budget?

Yes we agree that asking about the prospects’ budget is important. It helps sales reps in taking the discussion in the right direction. However telling your sales team to inquire about the prospects’ budget is half job done. Along with this, you also need to tell them the exact situation when they need to pop up this question.

Understand that asking the prospect to identify a budget upfront, kills the deal. In most cases, prospects are not willing to talk about costs early in the sales process. Result: They become apprehensive and disinterested in taking the conversation further.

Lesson to Learn:

Train your sales team to learn more about prospects’ business needs. Then start gathering budget-related information. Make the prospects excited about the product/service by mentioning about how they will benefit. As the prospects get convinced about the benefit of the product/service, gradually pitch in the cost.

Is your sales team not listening to your prospects?

So what does your sales team do? Look into the CRM, Call up the prospect and start telling all the great things about the product/service. And if that’s not enough, then offer exclusive discounts. But few of these calls lead to a successful sale.

Wonder why? For the simple reason that you have trained your sales team to deliver a monologue. So they just pick up the call and shoot

Result: Prospects become highly disgusted. Sales process does not work.

Lesson to Learn:

Train your sales team to listen to your prospects. Teach them to study prospects’ background (through the CRM (Customer relationship management); ask the right questions and then tailor the products and services according to the needs.

Objective should be one: Prospects should feel that your sales reps are not just behind increasing numbers. Finding a solution to the clients’ problem is what drives them. (Sounds little idealistic but then this is the fact) Customers want to be understood. And the company who best understands them and offers the exact solution at the lowest price cracks the deal. That simple!

So the next time, your sales reps call up a prospect – ensure that they do not pitch on baseless assumptions but on thorough understanding of the needs.

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