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5 Rocking Tips To Build A Steadfast Relationship With Your Prospective Leads

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We have been hearing all along “People purchase from companies and persons they like”.
Nevertheless, how much people may believe in this clichéd words, it is simply not true. In reality, people do not buy from persons and companies they know, but rather they purchase from places and people they respect and trust.
So if you intend to be your prospects’ best buddy by mechanically uttering ‘Yes’ to whatever your prospects ask of you, know for certain that you are not always earning respect from your prospective leads- and consequently not closing as many sales as you could have done otherwise using your easy to use CRM for revenue growth.

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Hence, instead of fighting hard to be always liked, it is high time that you should refocus your attention for building deeper connections with your leads and prospects, which is built on belief and respect of your leads, prospects, and would-be customers.

Therefore here are 5 rocking tips to help you learn how you can do so, right away:

  1. Curtail the phony enthusiasm

All sales reps and managers had been taught at some point in their professional run to display enthusiasm about their brand.
They had been mentored, that in order to sell their offers, their enthusiasm must shine through first.
Nevertheless, this old school thought has in fact resulted in all salespeople trying to give the identical over-the-top introduction to prospects, which is undoubtedly wrong.

It sounds more like this: “Hi, how are you? I am really so excited to meet and explain to you all about what my organization does and can do for you right now.”

Now, if you think this sales-y intro sounds perfect, try recording your next few phone calls and check if your voice becomes louder, over the pitch, when your prospects answer the calls.
If it is so, hang on, that is exactly the “fake-enthusiasm” we have been talking all along.
This is the fake enthusiasm that you need to drop off.
Hence lower your tone, speak slowly, and be authentic in your presentation.
Remember, fake exuberance sounds extremely very sales-y, but an authentic tone of voice pulls together both trust and respect.

  1. Focus only on your prospect

This might sound obvious, but it is startling to find that most salespeople start their conversations with their prospects by talking about their company, or what are the offerings they can provide to their prospects.
Now, before you make a guess and think, “I don’t do that” just grab a pen and paper and answer the question “Why should a prospect do business with you?”
Next, read what you wrote.
Did it look like you just talked about your offering(s) – or did you concentrate exclusively on your prospects, how they may profit and find advantage from working with you?
Always take it as thumb rule before you talk with your prospects in your easy to use CRM that prospects only care about themselves. Hence, make them the center of your conversation, so that it can help your prospects to find a connection with your offerings.

  1. Offer some value

Make a difference, set yourself apart from other salespeople, enhance your knowledge base, and try to offer some value right out the gate.

For small and midsized businesses that use CRM for small business, the customer relationship management software it provides a unique 360-degree holistic view of the prospect to the salesperson using the easy to use CRM software.

Therefore, use this knowledge provided by the CRM application software to list a few challenges that are common among your prospects, challenges that you can solve, and also share what you have observed in your prospect’s industry during your lead nurturing phone calls.
However, as a matter of caution, do not blab and jump into your solutions too quickly, but rather utilize the conversation as an opportunity to share helpful insights with your prospects while getting your prospect talking about their own pain point, inhibitions, and challenges for fortifying your relationship.

  1. Create a transition with a question

After you have asked your prospect about a few recurrent challenges that you have seen in your prospect’s line of business it is time to get the prospect talking. Hence, try to simply ask your prospect, “Do any of these challenges ring true to you?”

Although this approach may sound a bit provocative, where you stand the chance of coming out clear, this question will immediately ring the bell with a prospect that is going through those same challenges.

You can always think, “What may happen if they say no?”, but if your prospect does not have the challenges that your business solves, then considers those prospects simply misfits.
Rather let go of those prospect in your CRM database and move on with the next call, and find someone who truly needs what your business has to offer to its customers.

  1. Get your prospects talking about their challenges

Once you have successfully offered your prospects some value, elaborated a few key challenges and transitioned the conversation with a question, it is the time that you must keep your prospect talking. After all, prospects will only have faith in you if you can really show them that you have an ability to resolve their key challenges, and you can never do that unless you understand their pain points.

Probing the prospect with multiple questions in most cases will prompt the prospect to open up. As an apt analogy, it is like acting like a doctor who needs to know about all the symptoms of the patient’s malady to properly diagnose and offer a treatment plan.

Using this approach, you will be seen as an expert or a ‘doctor’ in the eyes of your prospect, which can easily build a connection between you and the prospect and so make the relationship move further on and surely close the deal.


We are very sure that by following these tips you will not only start building deep connections with your prospects and customers but holding on to these approaches will help you to connect prospects with better conversations and subsequently move towards fetching in more sales that lead to rapid business growth .

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