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3 Types Of Emails Which You Should Automate with Your CRM

CRM | by Patricia Jones
3 Types Of Emails Which You Should Automate with Your CRM

Chances are there that your sales team actually spends less time than they should spend for selling your products and services. In a recent study done on sales, it shows that sales reps spend more than half of their time at the office doing administrative CRM works and another 29% of their time searching and creating contents to pitch their products and services, which eventually leaves them with just one-third time for actually building a relationship and achieving winning businesses.

Now, to ensure that your sales team can utilize more of their time in closing deals, it is important that you must leverage your Customer Relationship Management system. You should understand that CRM is just not the software used for tracking and managing relationships, but it is also an extra pair of hands in your office for all those things (apart from selling) that your sales need, but should not have to do once they implement a CRM platform.

One of the best CRM tools that fall in this category is email automation. Automating emails shaves down the prolonged numbers of hours that your reps would have otherwise spent on customizing emails and remembering to send them on time.
Here are three most important email campaigns that you can automate with a CRM to keep your customers engaged without even bothering for your constant manual efforts:

1. Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are meant for new subscribers and lead to introduce them to your brand. Creating and automating welcome emails can generate substantial ROI, as studies have proved that welcome emails are viewed three times more by subscribers than other subsequent promotional emails. Moreover welcome emails help in educating your prospects and are likely to weed out any non-interested parties through the unsubscribe link.

These are few points you should remember while sending your welcome emails:

  • Introduce prospects and leads to your brand’s products and services
  • Prepare your prospects and leads into buying your products or services
  • Encourage your leads and prospects to connect with your brand through other channels and opportunities
  • Provide your leads and prospects with basic incentives to buy your products or services

2. Lead Nurturing Emails

Lead nurturing with emails can be really tricky. For without an organized process, it is easy to find opportunities slipping through the cracks that can eventually inundate your leads with too little or too much communication from your side. Therefore, automate your lead nurturing process through email campaigns without putting too much pressure on your leads.

Here are certain things you can do in your lead nurturing emails:

  • Educate your leads and prospects what your brand is capable of doing for them
  • Tell them a story about your brand and what sets your products and services apart from the competition
  • Occasionally, refer leads to your website or special landing pages for availing seasonal discounts and offers

3. Customer retention Emails

According to a study done by Forrester Research, it has been found that existing customers spend 69% more than new customers. So putting brakes on communication after the primary sales would definitely be a costly mistake. Therefore, after you have made a sale, start an automated email campaign with your customers. Keep them in the loop with subsequent offers on your new and other products and services.

These are few points you should remember while sending your customer retention emails:

  • Thank your customer for their businesses with your brand
  • Let them know when their purchases will arrive or how they can activate your services
  • Check to see how much they are satisfied with their purchase
  • Check to see if they need any further help regarding your products and services
  • Request a review by sending a survey form tailored to your customer’s interests
  • Offer interesting contents as a ‘gift’ to your purchasers without pitching only on your brand

Now that you know how much a CRM can help you, you should also understand equally that CRM cannot replace the natural and earned skills of your sales representatives. Hence, use your CRM to free up your sales team’s time and help them to do what they are hired for.


Email automation is the perfect way to educate and move your leads, prospects, and customers through your sales funnel, without further wasting any more time.

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