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Sales and marketing integration in CRM from ConvergeHub

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Sales and marketing integration in CRM from ConvergeHub brings best performance for SMB. In a compartmentalized business environment where no information passed through the closed doors of one division to another creating an integrated business environment was a distant dream. However, the situation is now changing fast and in this hyper-kinetic, complex, consumer driven economy businesses are required to readjust their approach towards integrating different departments.

Sales and marketing play pivotal roles in determining success of a business operation. But earlier integration between the two was unheard of. As a result, sales often complained about the marketing department for not forwarding qualified leads and the marketing department argued about not receiving timely feedback and measurable ROI on their efforts. But modern businesses have discovered the missing link between the two and there has been a conscious effort in collaborating sales and marketing by building channels of communication.

The purpose of building the bridge is to help the sales and marketing teams to interact with each other as well as align better with customer needs and wants.

Sales and marketing often go hand-in-hand in achieving the common goal of increasing business volume but their underlying practices, execution and strategizing may differ widely to create a less than optimum situation. This is because departmental policy makers used to depend upon the information gleaned by individual departments in a siloed situation. There were limitations in accessing information and less visibility across the business process. The lack of communication between the departments created barriers for policy implementation and business development.

Here is why sales and marketing integration is important:

  • To create unified environment to facilitate flow of real-time data
  • Aligning the two departments to work towards one common goal
  • Gaining insight on performance and implementing results in policy making
  • Increasing sales volume by making marketing campaigns more targeted
  • Providing decision makers with tools and insight on entire business process

Today businesses are operating in a complex, dynamic and intermittent marketplace that is also highly competitive. Modern marketplaces are also highly buyer-driven where consumers are volatile, tech savvy, opinionating and interactive.

Even two decades ago buyers only had limited access to product specifications. Businesses were mostly conducted based on personal relationships. Buyers normally didn’t commit to price comparison. Product reviews were of less importance. The consumer behavior has undergone sea changes in the multi-channel environment. Buyers now do their homework upfront – compare price and product features, read reviews, discuss with peers using the multi-channel communication platforms and decide how they want to interact with a brand before considering buying. The role of both sales and marketing departments therefore have transformed in the changed situation. As a result, they now need a collaborative platform where real-time data can be consolidated, processed, analyzed and applied to deal with real business situation.

Before, disparate software systems were the barriers in facilitating smooth transfer of information but introduction of cloud based CRM solutions helped creating a unified platform to share real time data. ConvergeHub is one such cloud based CRM solution that has been designed to work as a single platform for sales, marketing and communication needs. It embedded powerful sales automation and marketing campaign management features to help teams share information and manage business from a collaborative platform.

ConvergeHub’s effective calendar management and deal management solutions are designed to help sales executives to automate and manage their sales progresses at every step. It also allows them to subscribe to real time feeds to receive any status update or changes on their accounts.

Similarly, marketing managers can create both simple and complex email marketing and DRIP marketing campaigns using the Enterprise CRM Software platform. ConvergeHub further acts as a social CRM by capturing real-time social feeds on customers to allow the marketing and sales teams to engage them on social platforms.

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