Find More Value From Your Software With CRM Workflows

Posted by Patricia Jones

Workflow is the core building block of any CRM, which is an infrastructure, built on procedures and processes. Hence, for sound business management, here are three key recommendations to get started with workflows using CRM for enhancing your company’s growth and ROI. Read More

Why Should You Consider Integrating CRM With ERP?

Posted by Patricia Jones

With a plethora of consumer data, being generated on a daily basis, business owners are presently experiencing more complex business environments than ever before. Since, if this customer centric data is not handled in a proper manner, it can become the biggest pain point for efficiency with decision-making, forecasting and ultimately- the purchase and sales processes. Happy customers are the most valuable and possessed assets to any business. But, how can you successfully deal with all these challenges, whilst building up profitable customer relationships? To combat this dilemmatic issue, businesses typically buy CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software solutions separately or mostly integrate a CRM with an ERP. Read More

How CRM replacing ERP is a Myth- Now Debunked

Posted by David Klein

Although CRM and ERP systems overlap each other in certain areas, the good part is, they can also be completely integrated into each other. Still, as the core functionalities of these two business applications are completely different, it is best for a business to understand the difference between CRM and ERP as stand-alone and separate systems. Since this outlook will make it easier to see how CRM and ERP individually play a role in improving competency and increasing sales. Read More

Your recipe for success

Posted by Patricia Jones

We all have busy lives. Our infinite to-do lists keep us occupied and productive throughout the day. But have we ever wondered that while being productive is good, is our over businesses getting in the way of our success? Read More

Share and Collaborate files within or outside the company

Posted by Manash Chaudhuri

Learn how ConvergeHub Library can work as the perfect document management software application for your organization. ‘’I am working with a hot prospect who is keen to purchase our product/service – can you email me all the RELATED documents asap?’’ Sounds familiar? Well, this is what your sales reps keep mailing to the marketing team time and again. Now imagine what if your marketing reps miss the mail or reply to the mail late? You might run the risk of losing out a hot prospect just because your sales rep is not prepared to deal with the prospect. Do you want the same to happen to you in reality? Certainly NOT. Read More

Is It Time To Upgrade Your Existing Workforce management?

Posted by Patricia Jones

Workforce management (WFM) has become the latest buzzword in the market. It’s not a new concept though. Companies since long have tried some or the other forms of workforce management to improve employee productivity.But it’s now been viewed in new light of changed industry context. Effective WFM is imperative to make your customer contact center efficient and profitable. WFM is about anticipating probable inbound and outbound calls for a contact center and applying right resources in managing the same. However, most WFM software applications are complicated to implement and operate. There was a time when companies could spare dedicated resource in managing the software system. But now when organizations are striving to become more operatively efficient they don’t want to throw money in managing redundant resources. Enterprises therefore are looking for WFM solution that is self-manageable and automated to help improving productivity of each customer care executive. Read More