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Customer Service | by Patricia Jones
Social channels for services

Social Media Support Services for every company is the latest final stage to conqure. The last couple of years have seen a tremendous change in the business landscape. One of them is the change of attitude towards social media. Today, social customer service is no longer just the focus of the large enterprises. It has caught the attention of the small but highly innovative companies too.

However, while the large enterprises are going great guns in it, the SMEs are grappling. Reason simply being: the wrong use of social media platform

For instance, a report states that 42 percent small and medium-sized companies are using social media as a marketing channel for outbound publishing and promotion. In such a scenario, either they are completely ignoring the customers’ posts/comments or are redirecting customers off social media to more traditional service channels.

Resultant of which, SMEs are failing to meet customer expectations and indirectly contributing to a negative brand reputation.

Why is social customer service critical?

Let’s say: You have employed a large support team to answer every email and phone query. You are confident that your service quality will now improve, considering the fact that your support team is all prepped up to give your customers the prompt support they deserve.

But then all this will only happen when your customers get in touch with your team through phone/email.

What if they don’t?

Industry reports suggest that more than 90 percent of customers prefer social media to phone/email when it comes to expressing service requests. Only a fraction of customers actually get to shooting an email or calling the support hotline. Majority find it easy and quick to post the service query in some channel like Facebook and Twitter. And these posts automatically grab the attention of the prospects and influence their opinion right away!

So if you reply late to any of the customers’ posts, the perception obviously becomes off-putting. Prospective customers find you sluggish and incompetently agile. Which means, they move back from the sales funnel, taking more time to convert to an actual paying customer

It’s precisely an upshot of this that you have many fast growing small and medium-sized businesses prioritize social media for rendering service. According to recent research from Forrester – over 67% of companies rated social customer service as a competitive differentiator and tagged it as the most pressing short-term priority.

How can you go “social”?

Taking your customer support to Facebook and Twitter profiles is a matter of minutes. Managing it is the real challenge. The problem is that now your agents need to juggle between different applications to manage social media profiles along with supporting your customers through email and phone. Imagine the time and productivity loss that will take place?

As a result, you need to bring together all the knowledge in these disparate sources into one place so that you can give your reps a much clearer and unified view. And this is only possible when you have dedicated software that is capable of monitoring social media coalesced with existing customer support channels.

CRM Cloud Software with active social media management capabilities is excellent in doing this – Read below:

CRM: The Complete Customer Support Solution, minus the Complications

The new age Web based CRM solutions are the one-stop customer service solution. They enable you to take your support everywhere your customers go. Right from traditional customer service channels to social media – these solutions streamline all, making it easy for the users to manage and monitor the mediums together.

For example, using any of the leading CRM solutions, your agents can directly answer the customer on social media without leaving their CRM portal. That way, your agents can use the knowledge/data stored in the CRM repository to give prompt yet accurate replies. Result: not only do issues get addressed quick but resolved fast too. How cool is that?

And most significantly, from within the CRM application, your agents can cater to customers across traditional and social mediums from wherever they are. That means 24/7 service

So whether your customers throw their fists up in public to get due attention or tear apart your service – your team do not get stuck anywhere. Using the CRM (data and technology) they can post a satisfying reply to every comment to give a happy ending to all issues.


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