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Your recipe for success

Small Biz Resources | by Patricia Jones
Recipe for success

What are Your recipe for success. We all have busy lives. Our infinite to-do lists keep us occupied and productive throughout the day. But have we ever wondered that while being productive is good, is our over businesses getting in the way of our success?

Confusing isn’t it? Well, according to a career consultant – ‘I am excessively busy’ is the reason that every working professional gives for not working on their career. And this is precisely what holds true for all of us. While we all are so occupied in writing emails, holding teleconferences and attending client meetings, that we actually fail to capture the benefit of these activities.

As business entrepreneurs/working professionals we should understand that our daily work activities should not leave us with less time to think about our career. I mean what’s the point of laboring everyday when ultimately you realize that your career has not progressed much? Do you want to be in a situation when after devoting 15 years to a company, you realize that you don’t have much to show in your resume? Personal branding as popularly said is important for every business owner and employee to indulge into.

Proceeding further, we will discuss a few activities that each one of us should do every day in order to make us SUCCESSFUL

1. Document your daily wins:Understand that your team members are too busy to note your achievements daily. To keep your momentum going, you can always take a brief moment to self-congratulate yourself. Prepare a job journal where you can jot down these instances. Let’s say – ‘prepared the presentation in spite of short deadline’. Remember doing this is a great confidence builder. It will help you quantify your strengths.

2. Be clear of what you do: Most employees do not have a clear picture of what they are doing. Or rather they do not know the purpose behind their daily tasks. If you identify yourself with these set of employees, change things now. Ask yourself –

  • Which type of projects are you working on?
  • Are you satisfied with the type of projects you are doing? If no, then what type of projects you want to work on?
  • Are you in follower or leadership role?
  • Are you fruitfully utilizing your work hours? If not, then are you wasting your time on inefficient process over and over? If yes, then what’s the solution? Does your company need an enterprise application for automating some part of the business processes?

In similar lines to the above-mentioned context, an instance can be cited where a sales and marketing team leader (after analyzing his work) realized that he was mostly wasting his time trying to procure customer data from three different databases. Outcome – he suggested his organization for a web based CRM solution. And now thanks to his initiative, that along with him, his team professionals are also benefiting from the CRM application. Customer record acquisition is no more a treasure hunt for them.

3. Recognize the difference: Record your feeling while you accomplished the goal. Many experts feel that meeting a deadline casually and meeting a deadline under exhaustion are two different things. If only you realize the feeling behind accomplishing the task that you will find out – the activities and co-workers that make you happy and the ones that fill you with fear.

Needless to say this self-awareness will help you understand the things that energize you. Accordingly you can give priority to your-preferred type of work and people.

4. Review the achievements: Preparing the job journal will always help you keep a track of things that you did a couple of months before. With the complete list of accomplishments, you can sort, categorize and combine depending on the requirement. Result – You will have a competitive edge. Instead of guessing about your past year improvement, you will have evidences to validate your performance. Instead of vague conversation, you will have a prepared document to show to your clients/seniors. Inevitably these journals will enhance your job by translating into a great career-marketing portfolio.

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