Alexa ConvergeHub Docusign Integration, Get douments digitally signed

DocuSign – ConvergeHub Integration

Docusign is a powerful e-signature solutions app that allows you to tailor-fit documents and get them signed securely with short turnaround times.


DocuSign Features

Docusign helps you to setup templates for each of those documents you need to generate in your ConvergeHub account to automatically populate the documents with data from your CRM and with the help of Docusign send documents to your contacts and get them signed. Docusign integrated with ConvergeHub is supported for the Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Deals, Quotes and Invoices.

convergehub integration

Get documents signed using DocuSign

On installation, the library page will have an option such as "DocuSign". This option can be used to send documents that need to be signed by individuals intended for the contract, proposal or any other documents.

Create documents using CRM templates

In addition you can create Quotes, Invoices, and Agreements documents, using the templates in ConvergeHub CRM. Quotes, Invoices, and Agreements documents are created as PDF files. Using these templates, a quote, for example, can be sent for signature using DocuSign.

convergehub integration
convergehub integration

Instant visibility into document status and powerful reporting

By clicking on the documents sent via DocuSign, users can find the status of the document and even more other documents share with the same individual.

Setting up DocuSign Integration in ConvergeHub

1. Navigate to “App Store” or Simply search “DocuSign” in AppStore.

ConvergeHub CRM offers a plethora of apps in our App Store, which supports third-party integrations with the CRM. The App Store is the place where we keep on adding third-party apps that helps in making seamless collaboration with other necessary business tools. To enter App store you need to click on “Admin Settings” under your user profile and then enter App Setup, which shows the App Store.

convergehub integration
convergehub integration

2. Click on the Docusign App setting to setup the App

For seamless integration with DocuSign click on the Settings button, this will open up a pop-up. If you have pop-up blocker in your web browser, then allow the pop-ups from ConvergeHub.

3. Input the Docusign User ID and Password for sign in and provide the necessary authorization

Providing the necessary authorization will get you linked with the app. You can use your e-Sign feature of DocuSign in ConvergeHub, and get you documents now signed securely.

convergehub integration
convergehub integration

Optional: For “Include Completion Certificate” then tick the check-box

You will find a check box in the DocuSign App setup after the authorization settings, where you have an option to include completion certificate with the documents you have shared for the purpose of e-Signature.

DocuSign Integration How-To

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