The benefit of running an Email Campaign through ConvergeHub

Posted by Patricia Jones

One of the best ways of communicating with customers is through email. That’s precisely why 67 percent of businesses are investing in standalone email marketing systems to execute email campaigns.

But are they really gaining the desired success out of it?

Experts suggest that businesses investing in standalone email marketing systems do not generate the expected success rate. What we’ve kept hearing from customers is that majority of standalone email marketing platforms do not integrate well with the business process. Synchronization between the email marketing platform and business process is a real pain.

Also, with a separate email marketing system, team suffers from data getting dispersed in multiple repositories. In moments of urgency, it takes double effort for the team to gather the information and present it in a concise way to get a 360-degree data view.

ConvergeHub has focused on all these issues and removed the loopholes with an easy and effective integration of email marketing functionality within its CRM platform. ConvergeHub, now, has all the bells-and-whistles to function as an email marketing software for small businesses.

Beyond customer service and sales force automation – this is one of the new crucial features that have been integrated within the CRM.

Using it, you can create and schedule mass emails to reach and engage your customers and prospects at large. Right from monthly product updates, newsletters, special offers, or personalized follow-up emails – you can send it all. While sending mass emails to customers, you can choose from a set of predefined templates or use the editor to customize the email templates specific to your requirement.

Not just this, reports and real-time analytics is an added advantage that helps you understand the performance of your campaign better. Using this feature, you can track:

  • Number of recipients
  • Number of people who have opened the e-mail
  • Number of people who have opted out
  • Number of people who have clicked on the link
  • Number of invalid e-mail id (if any).

Steps to ConvergeHub Email Campaign

ConvergeHub lets you create and run an Email Campaign in SEVEN simple steps:

1. Go to Campaign under Marketing module. Fill the Name, Campaign Type and Start and End Date. Describe the Campaign Nature and fill fields in relation to Response %, Budget, Revenue and Cost.

2. Choose Email as the selected Broadcast medium. Also fill in the Name, Cost and Expected Response % of the Broadcast.

3. Create new lists who will be the target audience for the email campaign. Or else select an existing list used for other marketing campaigns. Modify the list by adding more segments to it.

4. Choose from the pre-designed templates and layouts. Customize them to suit your need. Add personalized elements by changing images, fonts and the background color.

5. Preview the entire e-mail before you send it. Choose the type of template preview by clicking on either HTML or Plain Text View. Send a test mail before you deliver the e-mail to the targeted recipients.

6. Choose to send campaigns immediately or schedule your email campaigns in advance. Select the future date and time from the calendar.

7. Track, Report & Compare the performance of your email campaigns. Get precise information on Total Mail Opens, Bounces or Click-through-rates.

Benefits of running an Email Campaign through ConvergeHub

  • Sending emails at once to the entire customer base from the CRM itself
  • Creating new mailing lists based on specific requirements
  • Scheduling email campaigns at the most profitable times to gain the optimum benefit
  • Providing complete flexibility to customers with ‘unsubscribe’ option default in the email template.

And most importantly – the benefit of ONE integrated system at large.

The entire hassle of hopping between two platforms will get obsolete. This will not just be time-saving but also help you streamline campaigns with other tasks. Running email campaigns within ConvergeHub will provide everyone in your team complete visibility to the campaign information, while they carry out other crucial activities. For instance, your team can quickly see emails sent to a particular customer and the kind of response those emails have got.

Equipped with the up-to-date campaign information at their fingertips; your team will be quicker at identifying marketing opportunities and responding to leads and customers.

So try ConvergeHub Email Marketing CRM today and send us your thoughts on how it has improved your marketing strategy. In the meanwhile, keep glued to this space – more good stuff to come in the pipeline!!!

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