GoTOMeeting Integration In Convergehub

ConvergeHub + GoToMeeting Integration

Posted by Patricia Jones

Your CRM helps you streamline and monitor sales, marketing and customer service activities. It helps you in document management and project management too. Great!

But ever imagined if your CRM could also enable you to present product demos or hold sales presentation to your customers?

Seems to be a far-fetched thought? Not really!

ConvergeHub (CRM Idol 2014 Semi-Finalist and Community Choice Honoree in Small Business Influencer Awards ) has integrated within its cloud CRM platform – GoToMeeting, the world’s renowned online meeting and collaboration solution.

How does ConvergeHub and GoToMeeting integration benefit you?

You get to do Simple and Quick Web Conferencing Anytime Anywhere!

Right from screen sharing to HD video conferencing and audio conferencing, you can conduct any form of online meetings with your clients, colleagues or business associates positioned across the globe.

How does this create value for your business?

1. Increased Sales Productivity: You can close deals more quickly by holding one-to-one sessions with leads and customers from any possible location and time. All you need is an internet-enabled device to access ConvergeHub and showcase your product and service offerings to your customers and partners situated across the world.

2. Improved Employee Performance: Your team does not waste time on system integration or streamlining data siloes. Right from the CRM itself, they can execute online presentations to engage with their target audience or do web conferencing to follow up with existing clients.

During the course of providing impromptu demonstrations of products , they can access all the product, service or client related information from the CRM repository.

3. Reduced travel and operational costs: In view of the fact that meetings can be held online, you can reach your global customers within minutes and present your product demos or sales presentation without traveling.

Sitting in your cabin or unwinding at your home – you can invite up to 25 attendees and then conduct any type of business-grade web conferencing session (such as customer presentations, business planning or staff meetings).

Most importantly – Meeting participants (clients, employees, business associates) do not necessarily require to install the GoToMeeting application or have account in GoToMeeting. By just clicking on the invitation link (sent by you), invitees can view and join meetings instantly.

4. Easy Meeting Analysis: From the CRM, you can monitor meeting schedules and meeting status. Plus, you can analyze meetings’ types and durations along with the number and names of attendees per meeting.

Whenever required, you can download the meeting data from the CRM to revise the discussion held and brainstorm over the key points.

Impressed with the Benefits? Start your online meeting with ConvergeHub NOW!

Setting up GoToMeeting within ConvergeHub

The steps below illustrate how you can start with GoToMeeting within ConvergeHub in minutes

  • Click on Get App to include the GoToMeeting app in the My Apps section

  • Click on settings to start the integration process

  • Provide your GoToMeeting account credentials in the pop up section and complete the successful integration of the GoToMeeting app into the user account

  • Get the GoToMeeting option for all leads, contacts and accounts stored in the CRM system

  • Click on the GoToMeeting option to start using the functionality
  • In the pop up window, set the name of the meeting, start date and end date

Under the Invitees Tab, enter the total meeting invitees

Click on save to store the meeting information in the system.

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