ConvergeHub integrates new features in Library and Import modules and improves Custom Field Option in its CRM (Release Update: 1st October 2013)

Posted by Patricia Jones

A while ago, we mailed the Feature Release Update to all our users on the three new functionalities launched: View File (without Collaboration) under Library; Multiple Assignment of Leads and Direct Transfer of Comments under Import. With the Feature Release just a short summarized version of these updates, we are now giving you a detailed glimpse at what to find new in the ConvergeHub Application.

1. View Files without Collaboration

Till now, the only way to view files uploaded by other users was through collaboration. However, now users can automatically view files uploaded by their teammates, if they are related to it.

Example – Upload a file related to a lead. Now the sales rep who has been assigned that lead can automatically view the file in the sub-panel in the Lead Details Page. The sales rep does not have to wait for you to share the file through collaboration in order to view it. This means, a lot of time/ work saved for you and your teammates.

A Lead is assigned to 2 users, and 4 Files are added to the Subpanel of the Lead.

Login with the other user and see the Lead details:

Go to the Library of the other user and the Files are shown in the Library:


2. Assignment of imported contacts to multiple users

Importing contacts into ConvergeHubjust got better with the multiple user assignment option. Now you do not have to manually assign the imported contacts to different reps.

During the time of importing contacts, you will get two options:

  • All Data will be assigned to a specific user
  • Data file contains Assigned User.

Upon selecting the second option, state the field in the CSV file which you want the CRM software to follow.

Example – you have an ‘Assigned To’ column in the CSV file that mentions the to-be assigned reps’ name for each contact. Based upon the data given in the column, ConvergeHub will automatically direct the contacts to the reps mentioned beside them.

All Imported Data (here Lead) are assigned to a specific user/multiple users

Data File Contains Assigned User:

3. Import of comments

No longer,you have to manually write down the comments (if any) under each imported contact. ConvergeHub is now equipped to transfer the comments as well while importing contacts through CSV files.


4. Improved Custom Fields

We have revamped theCustom Fields interface designto provide the users with a better performance experience. Check out the Custom Fields option right now and view the improved difference.

(Currently Custom Fields option is available to the subscribers of ConvergeHubPremium version.)


This Feature Release has been kept light with primary focus on just three modules – Library, Import and Custom Fields. Special attention has been given to make the transition to the updated version – simple and effortless!

More major feature changes in ConvergeHub Customer Engagement Platform are scheduled to come soon. Watch this space for all the updates. For now, do share in your feedbacks, reviews and suggestions about the changes made. Did we miss anything? Leave a comment and let us know.

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