Google Apps Integration

Getting Started with ConvergeHub and Google Apps

Posted by Patricia Jones

Bid adieu to those days where you have to use multiple apps to manage your business contacts and events. It’s now possible to centrally consolidate and manage all your contacts and calendar events, tasks and appointments from a single comprehensive CRM repository like ConvergeHub.

ConvergeHub puts all the necessary work management features into one business management app. It has integrated with two of the most popular Google Apps – Google Contacts and Calendar.

It allows you to sync your Google Contacts and Google Calendar in a bi-directional fashion, so that you can access and update all your contacts or calendar events from any preferred application without changing your workflow.

Follow the steps given below to integrate Google Contacts and Google Calendar within ConvergeHub:

1. Go to App Store

  • ConvergeHub has a comprehensive App Store that allows users to shop for third-party apps.
  • App integration solution is available for – Quickbooks, Docusign, GoToMeeting, Twilio, and many more.

2. Read details about Google Contacts and Google Calendar Apps

  • Click on ‘Details’ to learn the exact functionality that Google Contacts and Google Calendar integration will provide you in the CRM.

3. Get App and Sync your Google Contacts and Google Calendar with ConvergeHub

  • Click on the ‘Get App’ button to download the plugin.
  • Provide the login credentials and complete the installation procedure.
  • Sync both Google Contacts and Google Calendar and start accessing their data within ConvergeHub or vice versa.

Post the Google Apps integration, the functionality that you can achieve right from ConvergeHub is powerful. That’s because unlike the other CRMs that specifically handles some aspects of your business, ConvergeHub empowers you to manage your entire business through one system. It lists all your contacts and calendar marked events including all corresponding related records etc.

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