What is new in ConvergeHub

What’s new in ConvergeHub (Release Update on 14th July 2015)

Posted by Patricia Jones

At ConvergeHub, we know how valuable is our CRM to your daily business management.  And just to make things even better, smoother and convenient for you – we have launched a set of new functionalities in our application.

These latest additions is sure to make you overwhelmed with their benefits. So without wasting any moment, let us get onto the detailing of each new feature added into ConvergeHub:

1. Gmail:

Many of the best CRM solutions have Gmail integration built in and now your own ConvergeHub has it too.  You can access Gmail right within the ConvergeHub platform.
All you are required to do is add the Gmail app from the Apps Store and seamlessly sync all your sent and received Gmail messages within ConvergeHub. How cool!

Once Gmail becomes a part of the CRM workflow, you can carry out a series of activities –

Associate emails with existing CRM contacts, accounts, leads, partners and tasks
Create new contacts, accounts, leads, partners and tasks in relation to the emails
Share emails with other users and partners within ConvergeHub.

2. Google Calendar Sync:

Yes you read that right! We are offering bi-directional sync capabilities of ConvergeHub calendar with Google Calendar.  You can use this functionality, merge your calendars present and upcoming scheduled events; and access the combined information from a platform of your choice  – ConvergeHub or Google Calendar.

It is great for your work productivity as it removes data discrepancy, eliminates double data entry effort and provides flexible working practices.

3. DocuSign Multiple Document Attachment:

We know you are required to frequently send documents for e-signature using the DocuSign app within ConvergeHub. However, sending one document at a time is a laborious job. That is why we have changed this functionality to enable you send multiple documents at once to your leads, accounts and contacts. There is no limit to the number of documents you attach. Time saving isn’t it?

4. Formula Summary Field:

What do you do when you have to calculate the total revenue generated from each account? Manually add up their  invoices/deal value, right. Not anymore.

We bring to you the option of creating multiple custom summary fields that add up the values of the selected module and provide you a sum total.

Example – there are invoices listed in the sub-panel of every account. To find the exact revenue generated from each of them, just:
Create the summary custom field selecting accounts and invoices as the related modules
The summary field will appear in all accounts’ details page, showcasing the grand total of all their invoices.

You can also set a formula and add the value of all the different summary fields created, to see the Grand Total. Plus, we give you the added convenience to analyze the data of the summary fields through customizable reports.

5. URL Custom Field:

We have introduced the URL type custom field. You can create this field type for any of the leads, accounts, contacts and deals and add the required URL there. The introduction of this field type is to help you add more critical information in the details page of your leads and customers.

All the above-mentioned features is live and is sure to improve your experience of working in ConvergeHub. So go ahead and give all a try in your CRM account. We are sure that you will be impressed by each of these new add-ons.

In the meanwhile also check out our latest Press Release on Gmail Integration

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