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What’s new in ConvergeHub (Release Update on 18th March 2016)

Posted by Patricia Jones

CRM is the lifeline of every business. It streamlines organization-wide sales, marketing and customer support functions in a single system to empower businesses manage customer relations in a better way.

ConvergeHub users definitely feel lucky because their CRM keeps getting updated all the time with brand new features. We make continuous effort to improve ConvergeHub and add features that keep you ahead of the competition.

Having said that, let’s move onto the matter at hand. As a part of our monthly feature update, we are happy to announce the release of new features in ConvergeHub CRM.

1. Web to Lead multiple document upload

Web to Lead forms are a major part of any business’ marketing strategy. But unlike what many think they are not just limited to fetching name, phone number and email. Often businesses require some essential documents/collaterals to be collected from the lead as well. So how is that possible?

Enter ConvergeHub’s new Web to Lead multiple document upload option! It empowers you to let your leads upload documents in the form. So the next time you create a web to lead form, other than name, phone and email fields, you can add a field to upload documents as well. All the uploaded documents will get directly captured and stored in ConvergeHub.

How it works?

Web to Lead multiple document upload1

1. Fill in the Web to Lead Form Heading (which is a mandatory field).

2. Frame the Layout of the Web to Lead form. Drag and drop the fields in the two columns. In this case, drag and drop the document field in either of the two columns.

3. Click on Next.

Web to Lead multiple document upload2

4. Click on edit to make changes in the text of the form.

5. You can customize the form by making changes in the source code.

6. Click to preview the form.

7. Click on embedded code to copy paste the code into the website back-end.

Web to Lead multiple document upload3

8. Click on landing page to get the live link of the form.

9. Click on Download option to open the form HTML page. Or else, click on Back to recede.

Below given is an example of a Web to Lead form that allows prospects to upload documents:

Web to Lead multiple document upload4

Once the form is submitted, the details get entered into ConvergeHub database as a new lead. The documents uploaded in the form fall under the sub-panel of the lead page.

Web to Lead multiple document upload5

2. Option to add attachments to library sub-panel from email module

Adding emails to the History section of the sub-panel is a great option. But only when there is message and no attachments. We have experienced (and surely you have too) situations where we had to go through series of emails in order to find an attachment.

That is why the new ‘Add to Library’ option is introduced in ConvergeHub. Now you have the much-desired convenience to select attachments from email module and add them directly to the library sub panel of the lead.

How it works?

1. Click on the email with the attachment.

Web to Lead multiple document upload6

2. Click on Add to Library option.

Web to Lead multiple document upload6

3. Click on the checkbox to select the attachment.

Web to Lead multiple document upload7

4. Click on Add to Library.

Web to Lead multiple document upload8

5. Find the attachment in the Library sub-panel.

Web to Lead multiple document upload9

Hopefully you’ve liked our snazzy premium features. Take a few minutes to test these in your ConvergeHub account. We’ll be waiting to hear your comments on how you’re using these new additions.

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Thank you!


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