What New In ConvergeHub 2016

What’s new in ConvergeHub (Release Update on 19th February 2016)

Posted by Patricia Jones

Irrespective of how small or big a business is, time saving is always on the top of the mind of every entrepreneur. We are always looking for ways to speed up the work of the entrepreneurs and empower them to achieve more with less effort.

So here we are, back with a new set of features within ConvergeHub that makes you save MORE time and be MORE efficient and productive than ever!!

1. Lead Clipper

Given the growing importance of social platforms, businesses browse through networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to find potential clients. But, while the idea of finding leads and targets on different social circles is great, is the approach correct?

For instance, when you come across an interesting contact on any social channel, what do you do?  Invest a few minutes to enter the information in the CRM system. Once done, the search resumes until you find another contact and repeat the same copying process.

Now imagine – Wouldn’t it be  great if there was a feature that would automatically save the contact’s information from the social platform to your CRM?

Thinking on these lines and realizing how time-consuming manual lead generation is – we’re happy to release Lead Clipper, the magic tool that enables you to create a lead in your ConvergeHub account from Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Google+, in a single click!

How it works?

1. Visit Chrome Web Store and add ConvergeHub Lead Clipper extension to your Chrome browser.

Lead Clipper2. Find a lead in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Find a lead3. Click on ConvergeHub icon.

Click on ConvergeHub icon4. Provide ConvergeHub User name, Password and API Key (required for the first time). (For API Key, log in to ConvergeHub and get it from Security settings under Account settings).

Account settings5. Details like Lead’s name, phone and email address get automatically filled up.

Account settings6. Add a Description of the lead.

7. Set the Next Action for the Lead e.g. follow-up call or email.

8. Click on Save.

In fraction of a minute, you have added a new lead into the CRM, without leaving the social page. ConvergeHub lead clipper tool has pulled the contact’s information and saved it within the CRM. You can continue looking for other contacts without a break in the flow. Isn’t it awesome?

2. Round Robin Assignment Rule

After days of discussions with your marketing team, you finally run campaigns across different channels. While the campaigns turn out to a big HIT and generate huge number of leads, they don’t convert into customers. Reason – sales agents did not received leads on time leading to follow-up delays. Also, while some agents received too many leads, others did not received even one.

Assigning leads to the right sales agents play a major role in conversion and success. But while it is possible to manually assign a few leads every day, things go out of the hand when the inflow of leads increase.

ConvergeHub’s newly introduced Round Robin Assignment Rule helps you automatically assign accounts, contacts, deals, events, leads and tasks to the sales, marketing and customer service agents. The assignment rule is applicable for all accounts, contacts, deals, events, leads and tasks that are imported in bulk or generated via automation.

Once the rule is set, accounts, contacts, deals, events, leads and tasks that enters into ConvergeHub through either of the two ways get automatically assigned on a rotating or ’round-robin’ basis.

How does the Round Robin system works?

If there are six sales agents working in the organization, then the leads are assigned to them in the following sequence:

Lead 1 assigned to Sales Rep 1
Lead 2 assigned to Sales Rep 2
Lead 3 assigned to Sales Rep 3
Lead 4 assigned to Sales Rep 4
Lead 5 assigned to Sales Rep 5
Lead 6 assigned to Sales Rep 6
Lead 7 assigned to Sales Rep 1 (the rotation starts)
Lead 8 assigned to Sales Rep 2
Lead 9 assigned to Sales Rep 3
Lead 10 assigned to Sale Rep 4

And in this way the automated rotational assignment continues…

Note: While this example is for Leads, the same concept applies to  accounts, contacts, deals, events and tasks as well.
ConvergeHub’s Round Robin assignment rule equally distributes accounts, contacts, deals, events, leads and tasks within the agents, minus your effort. You no longer have to worry whether the new data is assigned or not or whether the data is getting equally distributed or not. ConvergeHub makes assignment a snap and speeds up the work!!

How to set up Round Robin Assignment Rule?

1. Go to Assignment Rules under Tools module.

pic 52. Click on Add New.

pic 63. Define the Rule Name.

pic74. Select the Module for which the assignment rule will be applicable. (In this case we have chosen Leads).

5. Select the Rule Type as Round Robin.

6. Add Users.

Note: Clicking on Add Users will open up a pop up. Select the users from the list by clicking on the check boxes:

pic8Once the users are selected and added, they will appear in the Assignment Rule form:

Pic97. Click on Save.

To activate Round Robin system: 

i. During Import, select Round Robin Assignment Rule in the Assigned To field:

Ruleii. During New Lead creation by Automation, select Round Robin Assignment Rule in the Assigned To field:

RuleLeads that get imported in bulk or get generated via automation will be automatically assigned to the users based on Round Robin system.

3. Email History View Status

After a successful meeting with a potential client, you come back to office, prepare a proposal and email it. Surprisingly, there is no response. A day passes and you are waiting.

Several questions pop up in your head:

  • Has the client opened and read the email?
  • Should a reminder email be sent?
  • Should a call be made to the client?
  • Should I wait for the client’s response for a few more days?

This is a typical scenario, experienced by businesses every now and often. Whether the emails have been delivered or not is a critical part of email tracking – but it is not the end of it.
Whether the emails have been opened and read is a more significant question that forms the other part of email tracking. And it often harasses and distresses during times of urgency.

For instance, senders have to wait until they receive a response from the recipients to know that the email has been opened and read.

Looking at this quandary commonly faced by businesses at large, ConvergeHub has introduced the Email History View Status functionality. You can now track whether the emails you sent were viewed or not.
Unlike other CRMs who require change in email settings, there is no such fuss with ConvergeHub.  The status of all delivered emails will automatically change from ‘delivered’ to ‘viewed’, once they are opened by the recipients.  Simple!!

How it works

1. Send email to any lead/contact/account/partner.

Pic102. Check the history tab in the subpanel of the (lead/contact/account/partner) details page. The history tab will initially show the email’s status as ‘sent’.

Pic113. After a few minutes the status will automatically turn to either ‘Delivered’ or ‘Bounced’.

Pic 124. For an email delivered successfully, its status will automatically change from ‘Delivered’ to ‘Viewed’ after it is opened by the recipient.

pic134. Reply All and Forward

Are you a regular user of Gmail within ConvergeHub? Have you integrated several email clients within ConvergeHub, using the IMAP functionality? We have good news for you – the inclusion of ‘Reply All’ and ‘Forward’ options in the email.

Reply All: We have added the Reply All functionality to Gmail and all email clients that are/will be integrated with ConvergeHub, through IMAP.
So if there are multiple recipients of a message and you want to respond to all of them together, simply click Reply All and start typing.

Forward: Now you can resend any message to multiple individuals using the Forward functionality. So whether it’s a sales proposal or a product brochure – forward an individual message or an entire conversation, at a single shot. No need to compose the email again and attach the document.

Final Thoughts

All these features are live and are sure to improve your experience of managing your business. So go ahead and give all a try in your CRM account. We’ll be waiting to hear your comments on how you’re using these new additions.

Thank you!


P.S. Twitter is also a great place to reach us.

Looking forward to see you there.

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