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What’s new in ConvergeHub (Release Update on 17th September 2016)

Posted by Patricia Jones

CRMs function as centralized repositories that store comprehensive information about customers. This makes it easy for businesses to use CRM as a reference point for all customer data and deliver personalized experiences at all touchpoints.

How efficiently the CRM performs depends on the data inserted into it. But while sales agents dedicatedly fill all lead and contact details in the CRM, things become challenging when data has to be entered during another activity, say a sales call where they are interacting with the prospect or in a trade show, exhibition, conference and seminar where there are chances of meeting with several individuals that match ideal customer profile. In such events, filing up long forms to create leads and contacts takes up a toll.

For instance, sales agents have to enter their new prospect’s company name, industry, contact name, contact email, salutation, phone number, address, social links, status, lead source and so on. Once done, they have to save the information and go back to the sales module to open up a new lead or contact creation form.

This round and round navigation breaks the rhythm of the work process and slows things down. So when sales agents are quickly making calls, the call happens faster than entering information into the CRM. Similarly in networking events, sales agents invest chunk of time to fill up the lead and contact creation forms that decreases their productivity and diverts them from prospecting.

Some sales agents don’t enter the data timely, completely, accurately or at all in these critical situations. Does that help? No.

The Customer Relationship Management system then becomes progressively less useful with incomplete or inaccurate data inserted into it.

So ideally, CRM systems should have features that enable sales agents to create leads and contacts quickly and do what matters most – connecting with customers. But while other CRMs do not have anything like that, there is one new-age CRM that has made data entry job easy as a pie.

ConvergeHub: Quick Create Forms

ConvergeHub, the easiest converged CRM for SMBs, have shortcuts to create new leads and contacts. This eases the data entry burden on the sales agents who can add leads and contacts into the CRM in a few seconds.

Quick create forms are miniature versions of the actual data creation forms. They have fields to the minimum such as First Name, Last Name, Account Name, Source, Status, Contact Number, Email and Comments. So the most critical information about the leads and contacts gets entered and saved first while the remaining information is filled later into the CRM.

Special mention of the Save & New button that allows sales agents to keep adding new data without opening the form repeatedly. They do not have to follow a back and forth process where they create one lead, save it, click on new and again create another. Once the Quick Create form is filled, sales agents can click on Save & New to save the details and jump onto adding the next lead/contact. Save & New button ensures that the data gets saved in the CRM while the quick create form just gets refreshed to allow sales agents for filling up the next record details.

Quick Create Form, overall, offers simplified data entry, ease of use of the CRM and complete user adoption. Not to forget that it plays an instrumental role in making sales too. After all while other sales agents are busy entering piles of information into their CRMs, ConvergeHub’s quick create forms limit data entry to the salient information and empower sales agents to get freed up from the tedious, repetitive behind-the-scenes work and focus on engaging, communicating and collaborating with leads, prospects and customers.

How to use Quick Create Forms?

1. Click on the option Create Cases in Quick View.

Quick Create 12. Fill all the fields in the Quick Create Form.

Quick Create 23. Click on Save & New.

4. The data gets saved in the CRM while the form gets refreshed. Fill new data into the form.

Quick Create 3

The high demand of Quick Create Forms

Quick Create Forms have been one of the most loved features in ConvergeHub CRM – all thanks to the time-saving benefit it provides. Existing for Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Deals, Targets, Partner, Library, Events, Tasks, Automation, Sales Process, Projects, Sales Tools, Assignment Rules, Products, Quotes, Invoices and Reports, it has been extended to other modules such as Lists, Cases, Knowledge Base, Notifications, Tags and Payments.

So now ConvergeHub has 24 Quick-Create options more than any other major integrated CRM. This makes ConvergeHub the undisputed leader in the category of – CRM with the easiest data entry process. Isn’t it?

Next Step

Use Quick Create Forms and share how they save your hours which was otherwise lost in CRM data feeding. We’ll be waiting to hear your experiences.

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