Alexa ConvergeHub Announces New Reporting Features

ConvergeHub Announces New Reporting Features

San Francisco, CA October 20, 2016

Includes 20 pre-built reports. Custom reports can be created in Summary, Tabular and Matrix formats using Pie, Bar, Line and Donut charts.


ConvergeHub CRM recently announced the release of new features in the reporting module. The converged CRM now offers 20 pre-defined reports for all modules including sales, marketing, and billing for small & medium business. This is major for SMBs who need to analyze data and derive key insights from it.

SMBs can use the pre-defined reports that come built-in to ConvergeHub or configure their own. With the help of ConvergeHub’s ad-hoc report wizard, SMBs are guided through the process from start to finish — helping them create extremely useful reports that are essential to their business.

Companies can design, customize and generate quick reports without requiring any technical expertise or involving IT support. This is a major time saver – SMBs get to spend more time analyzing the information and making data-backed business decisions as opposed to figuring out how to run their reports online.

Manash Chaudhuri, CEO of ConvergeHub said ”We’ve seen SMBs struggle to analyze operational performance with Excel spreadsheets which is why ConvergeHub introduced business intelligence – it’s powerful capabilities help SMBs uncover rich data. SMBs can streamline information from all angles and analyze the data; from lead generation rates to pipeline management to KPI tracking – you name it, ConvergeHub has a way.”

Another way SMBs can stay ahead of the curve is through quick collaboration. Reports can be scheduled and automatically emailed to the appropriate parties on a time interval of their choice (daily, weekly, monthly or annually). SMBs can export the data into CSV or PDF file formats for offline access if they choose. By doing this, companies can stay informed and make changes in real-time.

“As the only vendor offering both CRM and business intelligence functionality, we’re constantly brainstorming to further improve our application. It is on these lines that we introduce new features in the ConvergeHub reporting module that take the data analytical power of the SMBs to a more advanced level,” said Manash.
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