ConvergeHub, #1 easiest converged CRM for SMBs, today announced its partnership with NexInteractive, a leading name in providing affordable and feature-rich Contact Center Solution & Predictive Dialer. iNexus by NexInteractive is a call center solution that is available in both on-premise and online forml.ats and helps users manage inbound and outbound calls with an agent desktop and administrative too

Both ConvergeHub and NexInteractive play an instrumental role in sales, marketing and customer service. ConvergeHub captures customer data from all touchpoints and streamlines it into one centralized repository. Sales, Marketing and Customer Support agents can gain a comprehensive view of customers and manage all their tasks and activities smoothly, from within the CRM.

Simultaneously, NexInteractive’s predictive dialer dials from a list of phone numbers and quickly transfers any connected call to a live agent, bypassing unavailable phone lines and voice mails. Call agents’ waiting time gets reduced and contacts get accelerated which increases the overall productivity.

The combination of ConvergeHub’s converged CRM and NexInteractive’s predictive dialer brings forth a list of compelling benefits:

Calls matched with CRM records

For both inbound and outbound calls, the predictive dialer checks the number against the CRM data and shows all of the client’s details on screen.

Scrutiny of new contact lists

New contacts added to the CRM get reviewed by the predictive dialer to identify fax numbers and numbers in the “No Call” register and also to ensure that these numbers do not exist from before in ConvergeHub CRM.

Smart prioritization

Calls are routed based upon predefined filter combinations such as location, language, prior contact, lead stage, etc. So calls of important leads and customers get automatically diverted to experienced or highly performing agents.

Manash Chaudhuri, CEO of ConvergeHub said, ”ConvergeHub rightfully understands the need for a call center solution and CRM together and hence has partnered with the world renowned company NexInteractive. Now call center agents have a smarter way to call, using the CRM. With NexInteractive connected to ConvergeHub, agents have more context on every call to develop a strong relationship with leads and customers.

Even if there are hundreds of customers, agents can establish personal connections by seeing past conversations, notes, and tasks associated with each customer who calls. They can save time with automatic call logging and use analytics to determine the best calling times and improve performance.”

About ConvergeHub

ConvergeHub is the #1 easiest converged CRM for SMBs. It can manage all of your sales, marketing, support, and billing needs, with a converged, full-featured, yet extremely easy-to-use CRM that is priced within reach.

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