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ConvergeHub Announces Partnership With RingCentral

San Francisco, JANUARY 11, 2017

ConvergeHub integrates with RingCentral to empower small businesses better communicate and engage with customers from within the CRM.

ConvergeHub, today announced its second partnership of the year. It is with RingCentral – a leading provider of cloud business communication and collaboration solutions. Available immediately, the integration makes RingCentral’s powerful call management features available from within ConvergeHub, empowering small businesses to better communicate and collaborate with their leads and customers from the CRM platform.

ConvergeHub and RingCentral as a combined solution addresses one of the key requirements of fast-growing small and medium businesses: improved customer engagement. While ConvergeHub functions as a centralized customer data repository and provides a wealth of information and powerful insights to business users, its integration with RingCentral further empowers it to provide a more holistic view of customer interactions.

ConvergeHub + RingCentral highlights include:


Leads and contacts can be called from a single click inside the CRM. No hassle of switching between different devices or screens. On an average, 15-30 seconds is saved per call which means more calls per day and more opportunities to sell.

Advanced call controls

The dialed customer number shows in the CRM along with the duration of the conversation. “End Call” icon is there to disconnect the call immediately.

Contextual customer information

Customer-facing agents can acquire all information pertaining to the lead or contact from inside ConvergeHub. This enables them to understand the context of the conversation beforehand, provide a personalized approach and deliver a great customer experience.

Greater speed of work

Sales agents can dynamically create contracts within ConvergeHub while talking with prospective and existing customers through RingCentral.

Automatically recorded call logs

There is no added onus of manually putting every call details into the CRM. After every call via RingCentral from within ConvergeHub, call details get automatically logged into the sub-panel of the CRM details page. Anytime required, agents can refer to the sub-panel to view information such as the duration of the call, who made the call to whom, date and time and call related notes.

Simple configuration

RingCentral gets integrated with ConvergeHub in a snap. There are no installations or tedious configurations to tackle in the process. ConvergeHub users only require their RingCentral login credentials to get started.

Manash Chaudhuri, CEO of ConvergeHub said, ”The objective behind the integration of RingCentral with ConvergeHub is to enable small businesses offer outstanding experience to their leads and customers while making phone calls from within the CRM. Be it sales, marketing or support agents – all can manage calls within ConvergeHub, combine CRM and communications data into actionable business intelligence and use it to make more sales and nurture customers.

Overall, the successful integration of business communication (RingCentral) into CRM environment (ConvergeHub) improves agent productivity, increases call efficiency and strengthens customer relationships.”

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