Alexa ConvergeHub CRM Partners with Zapier integrating With 750+ Apps

ConvergeHub CRM Partners with Zapier to Launch Integration With 750+ Apps

San Francisco, SEPTEMBER 21, 2017

After the successful beta-mode run, ConvergeHub and Zaiper integration will now enable businesses to connect more than 750 apps to seamlessly automate workflows and migrate data without developer effort.

ConvergeHub the leading provider of cloud-based business software, today announced the successful launch of its integration with Zapier, which is a popular integration-Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) that enables businesses to integrate more than 750 apps, such as Xero, Shopify, Evernote, GoToWebiner, Eventbrite, PostSlack, and others.

Using Zapier with ConvergeHub will help ConvergeHub users create integration between apps without the need for development efforts, thereby eliminating time-consuming and tedious tasks to facilitate the flow of information.

This partnership between ConvergeHub and Zapier, which was for the last few months operating on a beta-mode run, is now live and will provide immense value to high-velocity sales and marketing teams using ConvergeHub CRM, as it will allow them to automate tasks and move data between their favorite apps seamlessly.

“ConvergeHub CRM makes managing your entire sales process from lead gathering to contact management and closing deals extremely simple. With Zapier integration, our CRM is now instantly connected to more than 750+ apps that we use in the workplace,” said ConvergeHub’s Founder/CSO Manash Chaudhuri. “Now users of ConvergeHub CRM can automatically move data between the CRM and Web apps, which will help them to be more productive, and create workflows with these powerful Zaps, a few clicks away.”

Users of ConvergeHub CRM can now use Zapier Triggers and Actions to hone their sales process, work more efficiently, find customers, and close deals.

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ConvergeHub is a powerful all-in-one cloud CRM software that combines Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Collaboration in one unified platform, which enables businesses to attract more prospects, win more deals, and build stronger customer relationships. ConvergeHub is a fully featured CRM and does not call for expensive add-ons. 
ConvergeHub is perfect for small to medium sized businesses that have the same software needs as large enterprises but do not have the additional budget to spend on multiple standalone software applications and their integration. 
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