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ConvergeHub Integrates With Box

San Francisco, JANUARY 31, 2017

The partnership of ConvergeHub and Box enables small businesses to have a quicker and more flexible access in managing and updating documents from within their CRM accounts.

ConvergeHub today announced the integration of Box into its cloud based CRM software. Box is a renowned document management service used by 180,000 businesses and 20 million customers for online storage and sharing of documents, photos and videos, etc. Using Box within ConvergeHub, empowers small businesses to share and collaborate on important presentations, contracts and proposals from within the CRM, process work faster and increase efficiency.

Manash Chaudhuri, CEO of ConvergeHub said, “Customers and Documents are two most essential aspects for business. Yet, they usually don’t work together very well. With the partnership of ConvergeHub and Box, we’re solving that problem and creating a new combined solution that transforms how businesses operate.

ConvergeHub and Box together, reinvent the conventional CRM and transforms it into a comprehensive Customer and Document Management platform where barriers between customer data and content break to multiply leads, seal the deal faster and strengthen customer relationships.”

Highlights of ConvergeHub and Box integration:

Access all Box documents from ConvergeHub

ConvergeHub users can access all collaterals such as product datasheets, marketing brochures and sales presentations stored in their Box account from within ConvergeHub Library. This eliminates the tussle between CRM and Box and saves time considerably.

Users can keep all relevant documents associated with customer records, sales, marketing, support and billing within the centralized CRM repository and keep a track of when they are viewed, downloaded or edited by the team. To gain a more holistic view of customer interactions, they can attach Box files to leads, contacts, accounts, projects, support cases, and more in ConvergeHub.

Edit/Delete Box documents within ConvergeHub

Staying within the CRM Library, ConvergeHub users can download, delete or move/copy Box files from one folder to another. The actions taken inside ConvergeHub Library will reflect in the Box account too. For further convenience, ConvergeHub users can also modify and revise all of their Box documents from within the CRM and get the same immediately reflected in Box too.

Close deals on the go

Anytime Anywhere, ConvergeHub users can share proposals, invoices, contracts, and purchase orders with prospects and customers. They just need to attach Box files while mailing to leads, customers and partners etc from within ConvergeHub. This real-time sharing and collaboration speeds up the sales process and fosters to close deals on the go.

What you should conclude ?

Box for ConvergeHub is an ideal solution for fast-growing small and medium businesses who wish to bring organization-wide collaterals and customer records in one platform, remove the tedious process of searching for the right content among the hundreds of files scattered across different databases and get real work done faster and more efficiently, speeding up sales and improving customer engagement.

About ConvergeHub

ConvergeHub is the #1 easiest converged CRM for SMBs. It can manage all of your sales, marketing, support, and billing needs, with a converged, full-featured, yet extremely easy-to-use CRM that is priced within reach.

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