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ConvergeHub empowers SMBs with Lead Clipper and Round Robin Assignment Rule

San Francisco, CA March 08, 2016.

ConvergeHub has announced the addition of two new features within its cloud based CRM platform – Lead Clipper and Round Robin Assignment rule. Both these features are aimed for the ease and convenience of the small and medium-sized businesses who grapple executing a bunch of tasks within limited time. These features within ConvergeHub now enable SMBs to perform two major activities Lead generation and Data assignment, at minimal effort.

Feature Highlights

Lead Clipper: Generating leads from social platforms is hard work! Copying and pasting the data eats into the time which otherwise can be used to speak with the leads and close sales. ConvergeHub has released Lead Clipper, a chrome extension that makes lead generation a snap. Users just need to add ConvergeHub Lead Clipper extension to the Chrome browser and start adding leads to the CRM from Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Google+, in a single click!

Round Robin Assignment: Businesses receive hundreds of leads via automation and import. As a consequence of which, a lot of time is spent assigning these leads to the sales folks. ConvergeHub’s Round Robin assignment rule helps business owners automatically assign accounts, contacts, deals, events, leads and tasks that get imported in bulk or get generated via automation. Since the assignment is done on a rotating or ’round-robin’ basis, it ensures equal distribution of data within the agents, minus any manual effort. Assignment happens accurately and automatically that speeds up the work process.

Learn more on the two functionalities and what compelling benefits do they carry for businesses, in ConvergeHub Blog section.

”Here at ConvergeHub, our key emphasis is to make small business owners more productive in their daily activities. So we are constantly looking at ways to eliminate manual tasks and empower SMBs to achieve more with less effort. Our latest two additions will make work easier for small and medium-sized business owners.

They can pull information from social profiles in a single click and set rules for automatic assignment of accounts, contacts, deals, events, leads and tasks. No more is the need to spend hours trawling the social media for lead acquisition or the fear of dropping the ball due to delayed data assignment,” – said Manash Chaudhuri, CEO of ConvergeHub.

About ConvergeHub

ConvergeHub is a cloud-based all-in-one CRM software. Fast growing small and medium-sized businesses across the globe rely on ConvergeHub to manage all customer-facing functions. ConvergeHub platform includes Sales Force Automation, Multi-channel Marketing, Marketing Automation, Case Management, Document Management and Collaboration, Business Process Management, Workflow Automation, Invoicing, Social Integration, Project Management, Reports & Analytics and more; alongside a host of third-party applications such as Microsoft Outlook, QuickBooks, DocuSign, GoToMeeting, Twilio and Google Apps.

Till date, ConvergeHub has received positive reviews from CRM experts such as Chuck Schaeffer and Rich Bohn. It has also been a Semi-Finalist at 2014 CRM Idol Awards and has become the Community Choice Honoree in the 2014 & 2015 Small Business Influencer Awards.

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