convergehub product sales

Manage Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Deals from One Application

Empower your sales reps with ConvergeHub Salesforce Automation software. It automates the repetitive tasks associated with selling, thereby enabling your sales reps to concentrate more on closing deals. Plus, ConvergeHub provides 360-degree view of leads and customers that arms the sales reps with the right selling and customer insight.

Dashboard in ConvergeHub


Get a real-time snapshot of key metrics from ConvergeHub dashboard. Know about the latest developments in sales activities from four different panels - Deals By Expected Close Date, Leads By Source, Lead Acquisition and Deal Acquisition.

Customize the settings for each panel to get dynamic results as per the requirement. Click on the Summary side panel to visualize the sales pipeline at various stages i.e. the updated number of leads, accounts, contacts and deals. Experience easy navigation by visiting all the important sections of the CRM through the links presented in the dashboard itself.


Manage, share and collaborate with accounts collectively through ConvergeHub Account Management module. Enable sales reps managers, and other authorized personnel to access complete history of each account from one common repository.

Create task, schedule event, and add comments and notes to the accounts. Reach out to the accounts through email, phone, FAX and SMS. Attach files to the accounts from the computer or ConvergeHub Library.

Keep track of accounts more elaborately by associating them with relevant leads, deals and contacts. Refer to the past deals of the accounts to understand buying patterns; analyze up-selling and cross-selling opportunities and set up loyalty programs.

Contact in ConvergeHub


Experience an easy and powerful way to store all business contacts in a centralized, shared database. Add contacts manually or include from third-party sources using Import tool and Developer API.

Access all important contact information (i.e. emails, phone numbers, meeting notes, to-do lists and documents) from the Contact details section. Also get a summary of all communication happened between the company and the contact to improve customer service. Add tasks, comments, notes and events; or attach files to the contact. Reach out to the contacts through email, phone, FAX and SMS.

Customize contact management as per your organization-specific sales process. Use the Microsoft Outlook plug-in to import Outlook contacts into ConvergeHub. Export the contacts list in Excel and PDF format from your ConvergeHub account.


Use ConvergeHub Deals Management module to store and manage comprehensive information about the converted/to-be converted leads. Get a detailed outlook on each deal through fields like account name, assigned to, lead source, sales process, sales stage, deal type, deal value, expected close date and conversion probability.

Import Deal opportunities from spreadsheet or third-party business solution using Import Wizard and ConvergeHub API. Associate Deal opportunities with accounts, contacts, activities, and other modules for better visibility and tracking. Add comments and notes or attach files to the deals as per the requirement. Set up a sales process. Carry out a quick assessment through reports to enable your sales reps close more deals and gain insight in improving future ones.


Grow your business with ConvergeHub

Manage your leads, follow up sales activities, resolve customer complaints, automate workflow process, build and run campaigns, store and share documents, communicate and collaborate with partners, list products, generate quotes and invoices, integrate Outlook and other applications – do all this and much more from one broad platform – ConvergeHub

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