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ConvergeHub planning to offer Multi Channel Marketing solution to help SMBs leverage all forms of broadcasting methods

Newark, CA (PRWEB) December 31, 2013

ConvergeHub announced today the immediate release of Multi-Channel marketing functionality in its fully-functional, web-based customer management application. Driven by customer demand for greater insight into marketing campaigns, Multi-Channel capability will deliver ‘easy-to-use solutions’ to help businesses understand the impact of marketing and build tighter connections across different touch-points.

Multi-Channel Marketing for Better Capitalization of Different Broadcast Mediums

ConvergeHub Multi-Channel Marketing feature simplifies and expands the marketing automation module. It includes functionality for better management of E-mail marketing, SMS Marketing, FAX Marketing, Voice Broadcast and Social Marketing.

New functionality includes:

E-mail marketing: Converge email management opens new channels of communication by allowing its users to send appropriate, engaging emails to their contacts. Users can add, edit or create email templates to deliver personalized messages to the customers.

SMS & FAX Marketing: Converge has tied up with a third-party associate called Twilio (a leading cloud communications company that allows software developers to programmatically make and receive phone calls and send and receive text messages using its web service APIs). ConvergeHub users just need to buy an account in Twilio to execute SMS & Fax Marketing through the Sales and Marketing platform.

Voice Broadcast: Converge is planning to make it easy  for marketing, sales, and customer-support teams to send out personalized, interactive voice broadcasts. By simply using the cloud-based CRM software, users will be able to create voice message or IVR, upload a spreadsheet with the targeted phone numbers, and Converge will do the rest.

Social Marketing: With ConvergeHub, organizations can use services like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for relevant promotions of their product and brand. Users can post/tweet promotional message about their business without having to separately log into their social media profiles.

Multi-Channel Value Proposition

Multi-channel marketing caters to the present trend of customer behavior. Today, customers respond to offers the way they want to or, in many instances, not at all. Also, customers respond by the channel they choose, and not necessarily the one chosen for them.

The role of multichannel CRM in an organization is to make every channel touchpoint enabled with customer information. Supposedly, this results in increased customer acquisition, satisfaction, wallet share and retention.

“When a business is integrated with Multi-channel CRM, it gets enabled with many channels of interactive customer contact. It is able to analyze and compare multiple times, customer behaviors across channels. This increases the chances of the business to listen and learn what customers are doing. Inevitably, the business can draw better strategies to retain and expand valuable customer relationships,” said Manash Chaudhuri, Director and CEO of ConvergeHub.

Multi-Channel Functionality to Specially Help the SMBs

Majority of SMBs undergo the intractable dilemma of complex marketing. It becomes an uphill task for them to formulate a coherent customer relation strategy across multiple products, multiple delivery channels, large numbers of customers/potential customers and frequently overlapping or conflicting goals.

“Small and medium-sized businesses face a tussle between extensive marketing campaigns and restricted financial capacity. While they have a strong potential to grow, controlled resources trap them. This is precisely where ConvergeHub  will help them bridge the gap. Post the deployment of the CRM, they will be able to capitalize on different broadcast methods.”

ConvergeHub will solve the two most crucial queries of the SMB marketers:

How to integrate a customer-oriented strategy across multiple channels, products, business lines, to provide consistent customer-facing offers and experiences?

How to map optimal distribution of channel facilities to customer base and provide customers the most appropriate channels and contacts for their needs?

Pricing Details

ConvergeHub is competitively priced keeping in mind the financial constraints of the small and medium-sized businesses. The CRM application is available in three versions, namely:

Lite – $9.00 per User per Month

Professional – $29.00 per User per Month (most popular)

Premium – $59 per User per Month

The billing cycle is quarterly and subscription can be cancelled any time during the billing period. Special discounted rates are offered for yearly subscription.

FREE TRIAL is also available, which can be upgraded to paid membership during that period or afterwards.

To know more about Free Trial, check or call ConvergeHub at 510.924.1683

For further queries on ConvergeHub, please visit or email at

About ConvergeHub

ConvergeHub is a leading Cloud CRM company offering an innovative collaboration network portal connecting Customers, Partners and Employees through social and mobile cloud technology. Founded by a team of highly experienced entrepreneurs in the year 2013, ConvergeHub is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. The powerful cloud-enabled CRM application is designed to enable the SMBs drive better revenue by running all customer-centric activities from a single integrated application.

The CRM framework offered here is widely acknowledged as the most intuitive yet rigorously functional solution for all business verticals. Simple and Intuitive UI, easy navigation, partner network collaboration, inbuilt advanced document management, DRIP, Multichannel marketing, personalized settings, social feed integration and complete data backup are a few USPs that distinguish ConvergeHub  (featured in Boston Herald, Los Angeles Times, and The Miami Herald etc) from its counterparts.

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