Alexa ConvergeHub ready to launch highly customizable Apps Store

ConvergeHub ready to launch highly customizable Apps Store

California, April 29th, 2013

ConvergeHub has recently launched its cloud based CRM of the same name for small and medium businesses. The new and upgraded version of the customer relationship management software was inaugurated on 26th of April, 2013.

ConvergeHub is a cloud based CRM focused to cater to the market of small and medium businesses’ CRM needs. The demand for smart sales process automation solutions has grown manifold among SMB entrepreneurs but there is still a huge gap between supply and demand. Most often large CRM developers offer a stripped down version of their enterprise products for small businesses but since those weren’t designed specifically for small organizations many areas of their software needs remain unattended. ConvergeHub has dealt with this issue. They are launching it as an enterprise product designed for SMBs. The cloud based CRM is designed to evolve with the changing nature of small businesses and loaded with features available in most advanced enterprise applications.

While inaugurating, Manash Chaudhuri, CEO ConvergeHub, said in his speech that they believe it to cater small and large businesses alike. “We have designed it in a way so that it adapts to your business and don’t require your business to change for it.”

“The design is simple and easy to inspire intuitive navigation. The software can be adjusted to match the expertise of the user. Easy customization solutions are available to allow users to personalize it to suit their market vertical.”

To improve user experience with the software the team also has plans to launch a highly customizable app store where the users will be able to shop for their favorite third-party apps on pay per month basis to integrate to the ConvergeHub CRM.

“We believe that third-party app integration is necessary for any CRM to become a complete business solution. We’ll offer plug and play solutions for popular and important third-party apps that small businesses need to manage their daily operation. We therefore have plans to create an app store from which users will be able to select their required apps.”

ConvergeHub app store will offer integration with Accounting software like Quickbooks, Xero and Freshbooks, voice and SMS integration with Twilio, web conference plugins with Webex, email solutions with Microsoft Outlook and MailChimp, document management solution with DocuSign, Google Apps, and more. It will also open its REST APIs for third-party app developers to develop apps for ConvergeHub using the platform.

About ConvergeHub

ConvergeHub is a highly customizable cloud based CRM solution for SMBs. It has the most advanced enterprise CRM features to suit the sales automation needs of any business size. Developed by a Silicon Valley based company it is designed to be simple, easy, intuitive, and risk free with an app store that will allow users to shop for third-party apps to integrate to their ConvergeHub account to enhance its functionalities. For more information contact: info(at)convergeenterprise(dot)com.