Alexa MarTech Advisor includes ConvergeHub in their Autumn 2017 Edition

MarTech Advisor includes ConvergeHub in their Autumn 2017 Edition “CRM in the Digital Age- A Buyer’s Guide for SMBs”

San Francisco, NOVEMBER 02, 2017

For SMBs on the growth path, the challenge is to pick a CRM system that can cater to current needs and grow with your business over time. MarTech Advisor brings a snapshot of Top SMB CRM vendors like ConvergeHub and others in an easily downloadable format, so that you can initiate your buying spree in this Holiday Season immediately.

MarTech Advisor is one of the fastest growing media brands, which provides unbiased news, software recommendations, industry research, and aggregated job opportunities for marketing professionals. MTA has a community of more than one million subscribers, which includes highly engaged thought leaders those who regularly contribute and participate on this platform.

Leading marketing technology brands like IBM, Oracle, Salesforce, and SharpSpring partner with MTA to reach these highly engaged audiences and contribute to drive improvement in marketing performance across the funnel.

CRM has transformed how businesses engage with their customers today, providing setups to connect with prospects, leads, and customers in a quick, easy, and effective way. With a plethora of CRM for Small and Medium Businesses available to the customers in the recent times, businesses are tasked with selecting the best CRM software that suits their business needs.

MarTech Advisor’s CRM IN THE DIGITAL AGE- A BUYER’S GUIDE FOR SMBs Autumn 2017 Edition provides a detailed analysis of all major CRM software present in the market today. 
Manash Chaudhuri (Founder and CSO) of ConvergeHub CRM shares “When it comes to purchasing CRM, small businesses may feel that they are at disadvantage compared to their large enterprise counterparts, lacking the big budget or in-house resources needed for adopting a CRM for their business.”

Tailored specifically to address this challenge, MarTech Advisor buyer’s guide is sure to provide small and medium business owners an opportunity to identify the best CRM tool that aligns with their marketing budgets and revenue goals.

The evaluation also considers a predetermined pricing index and functionalities that each CRM tool in this space offers, making it the go-to-guide to resolve purchase predicaments.

With a snapshot of Top SMB CRM vendors like ConvergeHub and others in an easily downloadable format, you can initiate your buying spree in this Holiday Season immediately!

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About ConvergeHub 
ConvergeHub is a powerful all-in-one cloud CRM software that combines Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Collaboration in one unified platform, which enables businesses to attract more prospects, win more deals, and build stronger customer relationships. ConvergeHub is a fully featured CRM and does not call for expensive add-ons.

ConvergeHub is perfect for small to medium sized businesses that have the same software needs as large enterprises but do not have the additional budget to spend on multiple standalone software applications and their integration.

For more information, attend ConvergeHub webinars or schedule a live one-on-one demo.

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