Alexa 58 days..

58 days..

The countdown has begun..

We’re in November already and the countdown to the end of the year is picking up speed..

This is the time when our thoughts turn to the holidays, work slows down and we start coasting… waiting for the year to end..

We still have 58 days to go..
We still have time..

We have time to rethink Communication. COVID forced us to completely overhaul how we communicate with each other. And we’re not going back to the ‘normal’ mode of communication again. This is the time to think about how to better manage our remote work so that we can work together even when we are far apart.

We have time to re-evaluate Technology. During this time of crisis, it was technology that helped us keep things going. Zoom meetings, Google docs, Slack channels.. all ensured that we continue to function as a team. If there was ever a time to reevaluate and invest in technology that will increase revenue and productivity, it is now.

We have time to redefine Business Process. While we were all scrambling to adapt to the changed times, the businesses that fared best were the ones that already had structured business processes. This is the time to review business processes of every department and adapt them to the new way of working.

And whatever we do, we have the time to prepare for 2022 such that we can make it the comeback year regardless of what happens in the world. So that current events don’t have the power to take the wind out of our sails again.

We still have 58 days..

Let’s not “just get through it”..

At ConvergeHub, we are on your team and are committed to doing whatever we can to help you grow your revenue through this year and next.

November 4, 2021