Alexa Spiderman's Rule

Spiderman’s Rule

LinkedIn Spidermans Rule

Uncle Ben (Spiderman’s uncle.. duh 😊) once said that ‘With great power comes great responsibility’.. and our friendly neighborhood spiderman Peter Parker took it to heart and lived by that rule..

But in real life how many of us take the responsibility that goes with our power?

The tendency to avoid responsibility is very obvious at work.. sometimes painfully so..

When we have the power to speak up, we choose to stay silent.
When we have the power to innovate, we choose the status quo.
When we have the power to lend a hand, we choose to walk over to the coffee machine instead.
When we notice a mistake and know that we should point it out, we choose to look the other way because it is “not my problem”.

And this has real consequences for businesses.

The lead that would have closed if followed up just one more time..
The customer who would not have left if the rep had looked up the info..
The product that would have better quality if teammates had spoken up about the bugs..

How would your company change if everyone decided to take responsibility for the power they have?

At ConvergeHub, we make sure that your team has access to all the data they need to take responsibility, win more sales and serve customers better.

November 18, 2021