Alexa Season of Bests and Worsts

Season of Bests and Worsts

Season of Bests and Worsts

Going into December, I always feel like we have officially entered the season of Bests and Worsts.. you know… it’s that time of the year when you start seeing those important-sounding lists everywhere that proclaim to catalog the ’10 Best [something] of the Year’ or ’20 Worst [something else] of the Year’.

But the last two years were not normal years, and our lists of ‘Bests’ and ‘Worsts’ are not of usual things. For the last two years the list of ‘Worsts’ seemed to be never-ending and threatened to drown out the list of ‘Bests’ that we’ve had to look so hard to find.

But in spite of the long list of ‘Worsts’, I would like to remember the past two years as the years we learned so much.

We learned that we should not take our health for granted, good health is not guaranteed.
We learned that we should not take our loved ones for granted, our journey together is not guaranteed.
We learned that the world is still full of good people who are willing to risk themselves to do what is right.
We learned that we have reservoirs of resilience within us to adapt to tough situations and support each other.

Most of all, we learned that we are all in it together.

And as 2021 begins to wind down and we start planning for 2022, let’s not forget the lessons we learned this year.

Let’s make our New Year Resolutions and set our Goals for 2022 knowing that nothing can defeat the power of human connection.

Here at ConvergeHub, we are committed to using the power of technology to keep you connected with your prospects and customers.

December 1, 2021