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We know that Business-as-usual does not work anymore. So, what can we do about it? In a world where Disruption has become normal, how do we ... Read More

July 28, 2023

Preparing for DISRUPTION

2020 turned our world upside down. In the beginning of that year, many businesses expected some technological and economic upheaval and had ... Read More

June 29, 2023

Quality: The Unfair Advantage

When you talk about the quality of your product or service, what comes to mind? Usually, we tend to think about product engineering or ... Read More

June 22, 2023

Quality: Its about more than a good product

Have you noticed that the perception of Quality is changing? In fact, studies indicate that there is often a big gap between what ... Read More

June 15, 2023

great questions

If you are a leader in your organization, it’s easy to assume that people look to you for answers... that you should have all the ... Read More

June 8, 2023

Using BEANs to drive Innovation

How does innovation work in your company? Is there a set budget for it? Are there guidelines and projects and status meetings around it? ... Read More

June 1, 2023

How to Fix Damaged Customer Relationships

In my last post, we had discussed about the dilemma that most businesses have to go through at some stage of their lifecycle... The ... Read More

May 18, 2023

Using BEANs to drive Innovation

Have you noticed that customers are getting angrier? The world itself seems to have become more uncivil, and customers are much more ... Read More

May 11, 2023

Is anyone listening?

Ever heard a company say that they don't 'put customers first'? Probably not 😊 Pretty much EVERY business says that they put their ... Read More

April 27, 2023

Fear, Chaos, Uncertainty, Doubt… and Hope

2023 is shaping up to be a year of challenges. As collectively we begin to emerge from Covid... battered and scarred... we face a new set ... Read More

April 20, 2023

The 7 Steps of a Sales Process

Couple of weeks back I wrote about Sales Process and how important it is for your organization to have one... now let's talk about the ... Read More

March 16, 2023

Get your hands dirty

As a technology builder and business owner, if you ask me for one advice on how to use technology to grow your business, this is it - Get ... Read More

March 9, 2023

Why you need a Sales Process

In my last blog, I talked about what a sales process is and what an ideal sales process should be. Continuing this discussion, let's ... Read More

February 16, 2023

Your Sales Process

Being a business leader you know that a business does not run on individual excellence or knowledge.... a business runs on its processes. ... Read More

February 9, 2023

Empathy in the age of algorithms

A lot is being said about Artificial Intelligence nowadays and you must have heard at least some of it... Some say it's the greatest ... Read More

February 2, 2023

the enemy of innovation

When you think of 'innovation' what comes to mind? Do you think innovation is inventing something totally new that changes the world? Do ... Read More

January 5, 2023

CX Failures … and how to avoid them

How often have you heard about CX failures? Do you hear about ambitious 'Customer Centric' initiatives that aimed to overhaul everything ... Read More

December 8, 2022

Doing More with Less

The mood is gloomy ... The predictions are dire ... Newsrooms as well as water cooler discussions are filled with talk about slowing ... Read More

December 1, 2022


Does the customer service in your organization have a heart?For a very long time ... for decades really ... predictability, consistency and ... Read More

November 17, 2022

Why don’t people buy

If your almost-closed deals are not closing at the last minute and your prospective buyers are consistently backing out and your revenue ... Read More

November 3, 2022

The B4B Mindset

If your company sells to other businesses, you probably refer to your company as 'B2B' or 'Business-to-Business'. But it has been found ... Read More

October 25, 2022

Designing Customer Experience

What would you say is the most important factor to transform the customer experience in your organization? If you were asked to redesign ... Read More

October 13, 2022

An offbeat way to grow sales

When your rep calls a customer to ask for more business, how much does he know about that customer? Would he know that this is an ... Read More

September 29, 2022

The Correlation Trap

How much does your organization know about your customers? ... and what does your organization do with that information? Businesses ... Read More

September 22, 2022

Becoming Unstoppable

This is a story about how a blind man escaped from the World Trade Center during the terrorist attack of Sep 11, 2001.. and what it takes ... Read More

September 15, 2022

The Efficiency Trap

Here's a trick question for you - if you think about implementing a new tech in your organization or business ... like cloud or mobile or ... Read More

September 8, 2022

Waiting and Watching

If you are a business leader or a business owner ... and during the early days of the pandemic if you had decided to not move quickly ... ... Read More

September 1, 2022

The first mover disadvantage

Continuing our discussion on shattering assumptions ... let's pick another assumption to shatter – the first mover advantage ... ... Read More

August 25, 2022

NOT a Technical Challenge

In my last week's post I talked about some of the assumptions that businesses had to rethink during Covid times … and while that hurt in ... Read More

August 18, 2022


The pandemic has shocked each of us into rethinking our priorities and our assumptions at a personal level ... and the same is true for ... Read More

August 11, 2022

4 tactics that drive transformation

If we want to make a change in our lives ... create a transformation ... we must first believe in it ... we all know this, right? And we ... Read More

August 4, 2022

Believing in Change

If you are trying to ignite any kind of change in your company and think it is crazy hard to do it ... relax, you are right. Studies show ... Read More

July 28, 2022

June has ended.. what does it mean?

It's halfway through the year!! Which means it is time for your mid-year check-in with the goals that you set in January.. remember those ... Read More

July 7, 2022

The story of buying technology: how one company did it – Part 2

This is a story about how one organization went about using a software platform to grow ... there is a lesson for all of us here ... click ... Read More

June 30, 2022

The story of buying technology: how one company did it – Part 1

I recorded a video on the process of buying technology ... watch it above or you can click here to watch it on my LinkedIn post. In this ... Read More

June 23, 2022

360-degree Customer View: Treasure or Clutter?

If you are in sales or marketing or customer service or CX or any department that has anything to do with customers at all, you must have ... Read More

June 16, 2022

Disruption: Slow and Steady

If you are a business owner or a business leader in your organization wondering whether your company should start moving towards digital ... Read More

June 9, 2022

Business as (un)usual

In the past two years, the pandemic has shaken us to our very core ... it has forced us to take a hard look inside ourselves .. and the ... Read More

June 2, 2022

The race to close a sale

The phone rings and your heart stops. Will this be a go or a no-go? With bated breath you answer the phone. Hello? Its Cathy from ... Read More

May 26, 2022

The long-term impact of short-term thinking

This applies to all areas of life you know, but in this post let's just talk about work. Every time we start working on something big ... Read More

May 19, 2022

What does entrepreneurship truly mean?

Click here to view this video on my LinkedIn post and leave a comment on what you think. So in the last few days I was thinking, ... Read More

May 12, 2022

Does your Customer think about you?

You know that most of the prospects who show interest in your product or service are not ready to buy, right? They're probably just ... Read More

May 5, 2022

excuse #2: Nobody Wants It

Let's talk about another one of those reasons (excuses?) that our team keeps hearing when businesses don't want to make the commitment to ... Read More

April 27, 2022

The WOW Factor

Regardless of the work that we do or the business that we are in.. we are all in the business of serving our customer. Our customers.. we ... Read More

April 21, 2022

People don’t change

Continuing our discussion from last week.. when an organization is implementing new technology.. be it a CRM, an ERP system or building ... Read More

April 14, 2022

speed bumps

Imagine that you are driving... nicely cruising down the street thinking about what you will do when you arrive at your destination.. ... ... Read More

April 7, 2022

CRM excuse #1: We’re unique

If you read my post last week you know that we have started discussing some of the common reasons (excuses?) that businesses give us (and ... Read More

March 31, 2022

excuses, excuses

Ever wondered why we hate doing things that we know are good for us? We not only avoid doing those things, we actually come up with ... Read More

March 24, 2022

a fresh new approach… and a few old ones

Spring is here! ... although officially Spring begins on March 20, you can already see its effect all around… flowers are blooming, days ... Read More

March 17, 2022

Putting “relationship” at the center

All relationships demand time and effort. Whether it is personal relationships with your family or friends or business relationships with ... Read More

March 10, 2022

What does CRM mean to you?

When you implement a technology like CRM (Customer Relationship Management) in your organization, how do you look at it? Is it a software ... Read More

March 3, 2022

tear down that wall

In my last blog, I talked about how most businesses view technology as a "necessary evil". It is associated with over-budget projects that ... Read More

February 24, 2022

frustration or magic?

How are Tech or IT related decisions made in your company? Does the senior leadership get involved? Do you get involved? Or is it relegated ... Read More

February 16, 2022

Love advice.. for your “other” relationship 😊

Valentine's Day is just around the corner… Whether you are planning that perfect romantic date night with the love of your life or ... Read More

February 10, 2022

If a tree falls..

You probably have heard the philosophical question "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, did it make a ... Read More

January 27, 2022

there’s common theme behind all HOT trends

Around this time of the year when we all getting started on driving sales growth for the year, there's one topic that keeps coming up - hot ... Read More

January 19, 2022

why customer relationship matters

If you've been involved with any type of organization for any period of time, you know how hard it is to build relationship with your ... Read More

January 12, 2022

The magic and mathematics of a brand new year

There is something magical about a brand New Year.. don't you think? We complete one trip around the sun and begin another trip. It's ... Read More

January 5, 2022

5 reasons why next year will be just like this year

Is your inbox flooded with offers to self-improvement and success planning classes? It's funny how every business leader's inbox overflows ... Read More

December 22, 2021

what can you control?

The last two years reminded us that there are MANY things that can affect us that are totally out of our control. If you didn't reach your ... Read More

December 15, 2021

are you changing?

The world is changing at an incredible pace.. we have been hearing about technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, ... Read More

December 8, 2021

Season of Bests and Worsts

Going into December, I always feel like we have officially entered the season of Bests and Worsts.. you know... it's that time of the year ... Read More

December 1, 2021

Spiderman’s Rule

Uncle Ben (Spiderman's uncle.. duh 😊) once said that 'With great power comes great responsibility'.. and our friendly neighborhood ... Read More

November 18, 2021

Matter of Perspective

In our effort to pursue 'more' for our companies… more sales, more products, more revenue.. we often tend to neglect to look at the one ... Read More

November 11, 2021

58 days..

The countdown has begun.. We're in November already and the countdown to the end of the year is picking up speed.. This is the time when ... Read More

November 4, 2021

Scary Times?

I think Halloween has lost its scaring power. The scary costumes dripping blood and the shrieking haunted houses seem almost cute compared ... Read More

October 28, 2021

Which of these bottlenecks is holding you back?

One of the main challenges that entrepreneurs or business leaders face is growth bottlenecks.. your business seems to plateau at a certain ... Read More

October 21, 2021