Alexa Why do we hate doing things that we know are good for us? This is true for businesses too..

excuses, excuses

excuses, excuses

Ever wondered why we hate doing things that we know are good for us? We not only avoid doing those things, we actually come up with perfectly good reasons for not doing them. We have excuses for not going to the gym, or sticking to a diet, or making that call, or filling that application,.. and not just that, we even convince ourselves to believe those excuses.

Having worked in the world of technology for a very long time, I have seen my share of technology excuses.. I’ve heard all the reasons why a business really really wants to go ahead with a new technology which they know will help them grow, but they just can’t because [insert excuse here]. They have endless discussions and talk themselves out of something they know will help them grow.

Technology has advanced tremendously in the last few years, and using it properly will definitely make your job easier and your company more successful. Whatever your reasons are for not embracing technology, I’d love to explore them with you.. and who knows may even be the catalyst for overcoming them..

So, here’s an idea.. I’ll create a new blog series and talk about a different excuse in every blog, along with some suggestions on how to get past it. How does that sound?

Meanwhile, if you’re running out of excuses to avoid technology, and would like to know how ConvergeHub can help your business grow, talk to us.

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March 24, 2022