Alexa The dilemma between customer satisfaction and cost efficiency often boils down to Scale vs. Service dilemma.

How to Fix Damaged Customer Relationships

In my last post, we had discussed about the dilemma that most businesses have to go through at some stage of their lifecycle…

The dilemma between customer satisfaction and cost efficiency.

Spend too much… and it leads to reduced profitability.

Spend too little… and it leads to low satisfaction and the risk of customer loss.

Often this boils down to Scale vs. Service dilemma.

To grow a business needs to adopt customer service that is scalable, but that may result in losing the personal touch which is the real competitive advantage.

Although each organization needs to solve this dilemma in its own unique way, here are a few strategies that can be adopted:

  • Understand who you are to your customers – Get clear about who you want to be to your customers. This will help you create a strategy where proactive attention meets automated efficiency.
  • Understand customer’s paint points – What are your customers looking for? Different customers may be looking for different types of service. Some may need hand-holding whereas others may be happy with self-service. It would be better to meet them at their channel of choice and offer them what they are looking for.
  • Understand and use Technology – Technology today is transforming Customer Relationship Management. Used well, technology can give an organization the edge they need by giving deeper customer insights to improve customer loyalty and lifetime value.

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May 18, 2023