Alexa According to a survey, only 12% of people believe company messaging that says it puts “customer first”.

Is anyone listening?

Is anyone listening

Ever heard a company say that they don’t ‘put customers first’? Probably not 😊

Pretty much EVERY business says that they put their customers first.

And they probably mean it.

But do you know how many people believe it?


According to a HubSpot survey, only 12% of people believe company messaging that says it puts “customer first”.

So, what’s going on here?

In an age when businesses pitch jargons such as “personalization”, “1:1 customer engagement”, “customer-centricity” to anyone willing to listen… why don’t most people believe them?

Because businesses will be able to deliver these things only if they truly listen to their customers.

Not through some half-baked survey asking the wrong questions.

Or a lame we-value-your-feedback form on the website.

For a business, listening is all about data.

Listening is the ability to capture and analyze all structured and unstructured data across all customer touchpoints.

Listening is also about training your customer-facing staff on empathy.

And taking action on what they hear.

By communicating better.

Giving out information that customers and prospects are really looking for.

Not always easy.

But without that we risk making assumptions about what our customers and prospects are looking for.

And that guessing game is dangerous for any business.

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April 27, 2023