Alexa Efficiency is the primary outcome of most digital interventions in a business ... but there's so much more.

The Efficiency Trap

The Efficiency Trap

Here’s a trick question for you – if you think about implementing a new tech in your organization or business … like cloud or mobile or IOT … what benefit do you think about achieving?

Let me take a wild guess here … 😊

You thought about achieving EFFICIENCY in your organization or business …

Which is great …

Efficiency is definitely the inherent primary outcome of most digital interventions in a business …

Efficiency is quickly reflected in the profit numbers.

It is a big short-term win.

And that is why most business leaders focus on that.

But there is so much more to it than that …

A new technology in your organization is a complete business transformation resource …

It can optimize your business processes.
It can drive competitive advantage.
It can create new revenue opportunities.
It can skyrocket your customer satisfaction scores.

But when you are only motivated by the efficiency excitement, you miss all of that.

Because your focus narrows down.

And the strategic thinking that would lead to these benefits is lost.

So … what is YOUR motivation for implementing that new shiny tech in your company?

Think about it 😊

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September 8, 2022