How to make your CRM a success?

Are you one of those organizations who have failed to benefit from the CRM? Is your feature-rich customer relationship management software not performing to your expectations? Do you have second thoughts about your CRM investment? Wait…the problem might not be your CRM application but your own people. As per a recent research by Forrester and CustomerThink, close to 50% of all CRM problems are due to people issues. Surprising isn’t it? As per a survey carried over 600 people using the CRM, around 42% people faced problems such as: Understanding the CRM completely Aligning the CRM with day-to-day working. Many CRM experts have expressed their opinion on this matter. Let’s see what most of them have stated-  Read More

Customer relationship life cycle



Is It Time To Upgrade Your Existing WFM Solution?

Workforce management (WFM) has become the latest buzzword in the market. It’s not a new concept though. Companies since long have tried some or the other forms of workforce management to improve employee productivity.But it’s now been viewed in new light of changed industry context. Effective WFM is imperative to make your customer contact center efficient and profitable. WFM is about anticipating probable inbound and outbound calls for a contact center and applying right resources in managing the same. However, most WFM software applications are complicated to implement and operate. There was a time when companies could spare dedicated resource in managing the software system. But now when organizations are striving to become more operatively efficient they don’t want to throw money in managing redundant resources. Enterprises therefore are looking for WFM solution that is self-manageable and automated to help improving productivity of each customer care executive.  Read More

WFM Solution



Hyper Lead Generation through ConvergeHub Lead Generation Tool

Business is about people. They create the most important asset, leads, which is the life blood of your business. Managing leads effectively is, therefore, of utmost importance for any modern enterprise that want to thrive in this increasingly complex business environment.Contact manager system or CRM application is aimed at making the task of managing leads easy for sales executives by helping them streamline and automate their lead management process. CRM systems can be a great help in managing your leads and upgrading them throughout its life-cycle using effective deal management techniques. Unlike first generation CRM solutions  Read More

ConvergeHub Lead Generation Tool



Why Modern Businesses See It Fit to Mix Sales with Marketing

In a compartmentalized business environment where no information passed through the closed doors of one division to another creating an integrated business environment was a distant dream. However, the situation is now changing fast and in this hyper-kinetic, complex, consumer driven economy businesses are required to readjust their approach towards integrating different departments. Sales and marketing play pivotal roles in determining success of a business operation. But earlier integration between the two was unheard of. As a result, sales often complained about the marketing department for not forwarding qualified leads and the marketing department argued about not receiving timely feedback and measurable ROI on their efforts.  Read More

Marketing mix



How Social and Email Marketing Integration Impact Your Business

Marketers are in constant search to find the most foolproof marketing method that will always score a home run with customers. Email marketing and social media marketing both have emerged as essential weapons in one’s marketing portfolio. But often they are treated as standalone systems without really realizing their common objective. There are also some ideas that email marketing is dead and can’t fetch as much results as it used to do before the social era. But the reality can’t be further from the truth. When email marketing and social media marketing just work fine as standalone systems together they create a synergy that can be unbeatable in the hands of marketing managers.  Read More

Social and email marketing integration



Converging Operational CRM and Social CRM

The global outlook towards social platform is transforming fast. Corporate have come to recognize social media as a serious way to engage and interact with customers. It has helped in changing the idea that customers aren’t only sets of leads or accounts but real people and simple ways of tracking isn’t sufficient to understand their true nature.  Read More

Operational CRM and Social CRM



Importance of Lead Management

Many sales representatives are still not convinced why they must use lead management software to manage their contacts. The CRM adoption rate is on rise among small businesses but the success of project implementation depends largely upon its acceptance by the sales team. The sales team is the most mobile team within an organization and the success of the business depends upon their performance in acquiring business. But as it happens, they also are the most unorganized people in the office. The best contact management software for small business will let them manage, update and view their contacts in organized way. It’ll offer insight on the data gathered by them and let them make sense out of it. Read More

Importance of Lead Management



Leverage the Power of Social Media to Become a Social Enterprise

Social media has brought in great deal of changes to how businesses were perceived earlier. It is no longer an over-the-counter transaction between the customer and the seller. Most companies are now striving to forge stronger relationship with clients and offer them personalized services and with this the importance of social media is growing. But things are said easier than done. Most brand managers and sales representatives are clueless on how to make their presence visible on social platforms, how to engage clients and how to process the information gathered from these sources.  Read More

Power of Social Media



A Modern Approach to Campaign Management

Companies normally spend thousands on making their advertisement campaigns successful. Companies put a lot of effort and resources in designing the campaign that will make the consumers fall in love with the product. But, how to ensure that the campaign will deliver desired results!  Read More

Campaign Management
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