Your recipe for success

We all have busy lives. Our infinite to-do lists keep us occupied and productive throughout the day. But have we ever wondered that while being productive is good, is our over businesses getting in the way of our success?  Read More

Recipe for success



Why every company needs an integrated data system

Today, most business professionals are facing a tough time managing the operations of a company. The decision to find the best data management system is perhaps their biggest challenge. In spite of knowing the importance of a proper integrated data system, most business executives do not implement it for budgetary issues. Well, perhaps they do not realize that the benefits of implementing an integrated business software system (that makes all data accessible in one database) is double the investment made  Read More

Integrated data system



4 benefits of Cloud technology

Scalability, online storage, cost-effectiveness – are the three most publicized benefits of cloud computing. It won’t be an overstatement to say that based on these multiple benefits large and small companies get convinced of mapping their infrastructure to the cloud. But then are these 3 factors the only advantages of cloud? Or is it that cloud’s biggest benefits are hiding in plain sight?  Read More

Benefits Cloud technology



4 Steps to Maintain Customer Database in CRM

How often have you made a follow-up call only to find out that another member of your team has already contacted the lead? Many times indeed! According to the sales experts, repeated follow-up on the same contact is one of the most embarrassing situations. In spite of using the CRM software, sales reps have been often found facing such type of awkwardness in front of their customers.  Read More

CRM Data



12 tactics you should follow for better customer service

A few days back, I came across an interesting article on how SMBs were going down the success ladder through their wrong customer actions. From use of slang talk to bad grammar, there were many such examples of negative customer service actions. Unfortunately all of us have come across such bad customer service actions where we have felt like saying – ‘These customer reps do not have any clue of their jobs’.  Read More

Better customer service



Use of Hashtags in social media – What every company should know

The trend of using hashtag has become a key part of most business strategies. From the small businesses to the large organizations, every enterprise is determined to capitalize the potential of a hashtag for social media marketing. What are hashtags? Twitter users tag and categorize their content on the basis of hashtags. Some users feel that hashtags help them define their tweet as per a keyword. However, hashtags are much more that. Right use of hashtags can help build up movements, conversations, trends and collections. It is interesting to see that while hashtags initially originated in Twitter, they have gradually spread across all important social networks (Google+, Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, to name a few). Regular social networkers are making optimum use of the hash symbol (#) to create a tag, categorize posts and group them together with similar themes.  Read More

Converge Social Media



How can you convert a first-time buyer into a loyal customer?

Acquiring a new purchaser is easy; the real test starts when you have thousands of competitors trying to snatch that one-time purchaser from you. It’s no hidden fact that customer retention has always been a tough process. With the term ‘monopoly’ no longer existing in the business sphere, every company indeed takes all measures to retain its purchasers. A purchaser travels through 6 stages to develop loyalty for an organization. Realization: The company offers the products/services I require Convenience: The product/services are easily accessible Trust: The quality of the products/services is fine Satisfaction: The transaction is gone smooth Relation: The company understands my needs and acts in my favor  Read More

Customer conversion



How can you convert a first-time website visitor into a strong lead?

Capitalizing on the website visitors is one of the best ways of lead acquisition. But then is it so easy? Many small and medium-sized businesses complain of a high bounce rate from their websites everyday. In spite of spending dollars on website designing and ranking, the ROI does not meet the mark because of the high number of visitors who quickly flock in and flock out.  Read More

Lead Conversion



How to make your CRM a success?

Are you one of those organizations who have failed to benefit from the CRM? Is your feature-rich customer relationship management software not performing to your expectations? Do you have second thoughts about your CRM investment? Wait…the problem might not be your CRM application but your own people. As per a recent research by Forrester and CustomerThink, close to 50% of all CRM problems are due to people issues. Surprising isn’t it? As per a survey carried over 600 people using the CRM, around 42% people faced problems such as: Understanding the CRM completely Aligning the CRM with day-to-day working. Many CRM experts have expressed their opinion on this matter. Let’s see what most of them have stated-  Read More

Customer relationship life cycle



Is It Time To Upgrade Your Existing WFM Solution?

Workforce management (WFM) has become the latest buzzword in the market. It’s not a new concept though. Companies since long have tried some or the other forms of workforce management to improve employee productivity.But it’s now been viewed in new light of changed industry context. Effective WFM is imperative to make your customer contact center efficient and profitable. WFM is about anticipating probable inbound and outbound calls for a contact center and applying right resources in managing the same. However, most WFM software applications are complicated to implement and operate. There was a time when companies could spare dedicated resource in managing the software system. But now when organizations are striving to become more operatively efficient they don’t want to throw money in managing redundant resources. Enterprises therefore are looking for WFM solution that is self-manageable and automated to help improving productivity of each customer care executive.  Read More

WFM Solution
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