Non-Traditional Ways To Tell Your Clients Thank You

Thanksgiving is more than just about the turkey and the stuffing. It is a time to reflect and give thanks for many great things in our lives. But while we show gratitude to our family, friends, acquaintances and employees, our customers remain left behind.  Read More

NonTraditional Ways to Tell Your Clients Thank You



Boost Your Conversions With Dynamic Landing Pages

In just a few seconds, Landing Pages lose a huge chunk of their visitors, forever. Anyone who’s ever used Google Adwords or Facebook Ads, has felt this pain. Conversions is the ultimate aim for every marketer and bouncing visitors are a huge drain on their budget.  Read More

Boost Your Conversions with Dynamic Landing Pages- Guest Post in ConvergeHub



Feature Focus: Web-to-Lead Forms

Web form is an important element of online marketing campaigns. But most businesses fail to leverage this gem because of technical aspects involved. Converged CRMs allow you to easily build customized web forms and publish them on your website or landing page. You can also share the web forms directly with your sales and marketing agents, partners or targeted leads. All captured leads get directly synced into the CRM with immediate notification sent to the assigned sales agent. This speeds up the follow-up process and improves conversion rate.  Read More

ConvergeHub Feature Web to Lead Form



Double Your Productivity In Less Than 3 Months - Here's How

As business productivity is on the decline which leaves many entrepreneurs worrying about the growth of their businesses. In experts' opinion, entrepreneurs need to look for CRM software tools that streamline the process and make them and their team more productive. Although there are several software choices available, converged CRMs top the list of best online productivity tools. This blog walks you through 5 effective ways that showcase the benefits of using converged CRM to increase your business productivity.  Read More

Double your Productivity in Less than 3 Months by ConvergeHub CRM



8 Lead Generation Tactics We Love

Lead generation defines the process of stimulating interest about a product or service in the target audience, for the purpose of developing sales pipeline. However, in contrast to the earlier times, most businesses find it challenging now to generate high quality leads. That's because, they still use old school ways to generate sales opportunities. This blog describes the 8 new-age tactics that businesses should use to double their leads inflow into the sales pipeline.  Read More

8 Lead Generation Tactics We Love - ConvergeHub CRM



ConvergeHub Feature Focus: Ad-Hoc Reporting

The ability to dissect information is important for small & medium businesses. It enables them to identify the strengths and weaknesses and accordingly strategize to rectify the loopholes. ConvergeHub CRM brings the power of business intelligence within its web application. And what makes this really helpful is that apart from the 20 built-in reports, Any small & medium businesses can generate personalized business reports or sales report, depending on their specific work demands. There are a variety of reporting components available that include summary report, tabular report and matrix formats along with pie chart, bar, line, donut charts and funnel.  Read More



[Infographic] 10 Tips To Overcoming Objections In Sales & Closing More Deals

Prospecting is hard. And what makes it harder is knee-jerk reactions from leads. Most sales prospects deter purchasing products and services citing reasons of budget, experience, time and so on. Sales agents dread objections and struggle to tackle them. However, they can be easily handled and overcome if a list of commandments is followed. This blog talks about the 10 tips that can be used to effectively handle sales objections and close deals smoothly.  Read More

10 Tips To Overcoming Objections In Sales & Closing More Deals



SkyDesktop users: ConvergeHub partners with InfoStreet and joins SkyAppMarket

ConvergeHub CRM has joined SkyAppMarket and is now available to small businesses using in-browser cloud app platform – SkyDesktop. SkyDesktop users can choose from three different ConvergeHub editions called Lite, Professional and Premium as per their specific business requirements. Burdened with the management of sales, marketing, and customer success processes, they can lighten their load through automation in the CRM and convert more leads and build stronger customer relationships.  Read More

ConvergeHub joins SkyAppMarket



Work/Life Balance – How successful are you in achieving it??

Work/Life balance has become a major concern among business owners. With most of them failing to achieve it, complains of stress and health deterioration have become frequent. While there are multiple ways to resolve this, the best way to achieve perfect work/life balance is through CRM software. It actually empowers entrepreneurs to manage their business from anywhere and also automates tedious operational activities – saving much time and effort.  Read More




Generating leads from social sites is SUPER EASY through ConvergeHub CRM

ConvergeHub offers 'Lead Generator' tool that makes lead capture from social media super easy. It is available as a Chrome extension and adds leads from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ into ConvergeHub in ONE click! ConvergeHub Lead Generator is a major boon to sales agents who lose several hours in social media lead generation. They spend less time in creating leads and focus more on managing and qualifying them.  Read More

 Generating leads
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