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5 Best Online Marketing Strategies for Startups

Getting your brand in front of many eyes is difficult. While marketing tips and tricks come a dime a dozen these days, very few are actually helpful.Consumers are bombarded with millions of marketing messages per day – your marketing has to stand out above the rest. Let’s discuss 5 best online marketing strategies that may help your business get more visibility.  Read More

5 Best Online Marketing Strategies for Startups



[Infographic] How Productive Are You Really? Measure Your Productivity Level

[Infographic] People who are busy throughout the day are perceived to be the most productive. But is that really the case? Busy means tackling excessive tasks that leave you overwhelmed, overworked and potentially exhausted. On the contrary, Productivity means the usage of time and resources wisely to finish all the tasks in less time and achieve success. As an entrepreneur you need to be efficient rather than being busy. And this can only happen when you change your attitude and use some of the leading productivity tools available in the market to increase it. This blog is about the difference between being busy and being productive through a detail infographic; to check your productiveness.  Read More

Productivity Infographic



New Year Business Plans + Tips On Executing Your Business Goals

December is the time when we make a promise to do an act of self-improvement in the new year. This is called New Year goals. According to experts, small business owners should evaluate the nature of their operational processes and decide upon what goals or directions to take in the upcoming year. This blog shares some great New Year Business Goal Ideas and also gives tips on executing the business plans.  Read More

New Year Business Plan & Goals



The Sales Enablement Process + Tips

Sales Enablement is the vaguest sales term that gets tossed around in all organizations. Although it is used broadly, in most cases nothing substantial is achieved out of it. B2B companies make huge investments in sales enablement tools. Millions of dollars and thousands of man-hours are spent but sales enablement programs never come to fruition. Sales staff become numb to these programs and continue just doing what they’ve always done.  Read More

ConvergeHub Sales Enablement Process and Tips



6 Awesome Strategies To Keep Your Customers Engaged

Customers, today, are empowered than ever before. They understand advertisement gimmicks and only prefer brands that provide a seamless experience across all touch points. This has increased the importance of customer engagement manifold. Businesses, now, need to focus on building a strong customer engagement strategy that fosters brand growth and loyalty. In this blog, we discuss 6 new customer engagement strategies that help you to strengthen your customers’ experience and their loyalty to your brand.  Read More

6 Strategies To Keep Your Customers Engaged



[Infographic] 10 Tips To Overcoming Objections In Sales & Closing More Deals

Prospecting is hard. And what makes it harder is knee-jerk reactions from leads. Most sales prospects deter purchasing products and services citing reasons of budget, experience, time and so on. Sales agents dread objections and struggle to tackle them. However, they can be easily handled and overcome if a list of commandments is followed. This blog talks about the 10 tips that can be used to effectively handle sales objections and close deals smoothly.  Read More

10 Tips To Overcoming Objections In Sales & Closing More Deals



75% Businesses are making 6 critical Sales Mistakes...What about you??

In the Age of the Customer, selling is challenging. That's because customers are pampered with numerous options and are not under the mercy of a single product/service provider. For any business to soar high with its sales, it is important to follow a well-defined sales process, minus any error. In this blog, we talk about the 6 most common selling mistakes that businesses make and how can these blunders be rectified. Check out -  Read More




How does the winning combination of ConvergeHub and GoToMeeting accelerates SALES?

ConvergeHub has extended its functionality by integrating the popular GoToMeeting app within its cloud CRM platform. It is an exceptional benefit for the small and medium businesses who often lose out on sales due to the absence of a proper collaboration tool. Using the combined force of ConvergeHub and GoToMeeting, SMBs can collaborate with crucial sales opportunities via the Internet in real time. It gives them the empowerment of working better together, getting more people involved and closing the deals faster.  Read More

Goto meeting integration with CRM software ConvergeHub



Want to Increase your Business Revenue? Use your cloud-based CRM solution to sell smarter

CRM is an integral part of every business process. But surveys point out that that very few businesses utilize the full potential of the software. While all businesses use it to nurture customer relations, most of them are not aware of the fact that CRM can be used to increase sales opportunities too. In this blog, we discuss this topic in detail, showcasing two effective ways in which you can use the CRM to grow sales and revenue for your business.  Read More

Cloud based crm to increase business revenue



The relationship between Customer Contact Center and CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) involves the process of gathering and housing all customer details in a single, shareable and updateable repository. It is universally used by businesses to study and learn more about customers’ purchasing behaviors in order to proactively serve their needs and strengthen relationships with them. In this blog, we give you a detailed outlook on how implementing robust cloud based CRM solutions brings forth many benefits and advantages to the customer contact centers of any business.  Read More

Relation Between Customer-Contact-Center-and-CRM


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