5 killer social media tips for B2B businesses

Social Media is the most powerful marketing tool for increasing B2B sales. Unlike other marketing mediums, here businesses get the benefit of engaging directly with the decision-makers of the targeted company. This is precisely why more than seventy percent of B2B companies are exhaustively investing their time and effort in social media marketing. This blog is an all-inclusive guide to social media for B2B. It cites five best strategies for businesses to gain maximum ROI from social media channels.  Read More

5 killer social media tips for B2B businesses



How to Be a Successful Social Media Marketer

As things are now shaping up, if you are not on social media you don’t exist. The presence of social media in our lives has become ubiquitous. Engaging customers on social sites is the latest trend for organizations to secure more business and as a result. they are constantly striving to find new ways to keep the customers hooked to their brands on social platforms. An increasing number of brands are now turning to social platform to initiate interactions with customers. Web 2.0 has opened new channels of communication for them by facilitating both way interactions.  Read More

Successful Social Media Marketer



5 step approach to an easy Social CRM implementation

The age of Social CRM has ushered in a new practice of customer relationship management. But, how well have the companies implemented it? According to Chris Bucholtz, unlike a CRM, companies simply cannot approach a vendor for buying a Social CRM application. Before taking the plunge, it is required of companies to – Examine internal operations Analyze customer base and target audience However, most companies have not followed the above-mentioned procedure.  Read More

Social CRM Implementation



What every business should know about Social Media

IBM CEO Study: Building a good rapport with the customers is the top priority of every CEO. And what are they doing to achieve this? The report states: Businesses today, are zealously framing social media strategies to accomplish the goal of healthy customer relationship.  Read More

Social Media



5 steps to kick start your online social selling strategy

CSO Annual Sales Performance Optimization research results have stated - sales reps generate almost half of their new leads. Unfortunately, sales reps are facing increasing challenges in acquiring their leads. According to the IBM Preference Study – 97% of the time, cold calls are ineffective and since 2010, this percentage is increasing by 7% annually. As a result, most savvy sales pros are exploring the social media techniques to pick up the slack.  Read More

Social media strategy



What should be your social media strategy for 2014?

2013 and 2014 has been tagged as the year of social networking! With multiple social networking platforms coming into the picture, choices have multiplied for the companies. However, simultaneously, it has become a challenge for the enterprises to exactly know which social platform to commit time and resources on. Nearing the end of 2013, industry experts feel each enterprise should be well-planned with their social marketing strategy for the next year. Considering the dominant role that social media has gained in business promotions, it is important to anticipate where social networking is going; the oncoming social media trends and most importantly - how we can get on board.  Read More

Social media strategy



Use of Hashtags in social media – What every company should know

The trend of using hashtag has become a key part of most business strategies. From the small businesses to the large organizations, every enterprise is determined to capitalize the potential of a hashtag for social media marketing. What are hashtags? Twitter users tag and categorize their content on the basis of hashtags. Some users feel that hashtags help them define their tweet as per a keyword. However, hashtags are much more that. Right use of hashtags can help build up movements, conversations, trends and collections. It is interesting to see that while hashtags initially originated in Twitter, they have gradually spread across all important social networks (Google+, Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, to name a few). Regular social networkers are making optimum use of the hash symbol (#) to create a tag, categorize posts and group them together with similar themes.  Read More

Converge Social Media



How Social and Email Marketing Integration Impact Your Business

Marketers are in constant search to find the most foolproof marketing method that will always score a home run with customers. Email marketing and social media marketing both have emerged as essential weapons in one’s marketing portfolio. But often they are treated as standalone systems without really realizing their common objective. There are also some ideas that email marketing is dead and can’t fetch as much results as it used to do before the social era. But the reality can’t be further from the truth. When email marketing and social media marketing just work fine as standalone systems together they create a synergy that can be unbeatable in the hands of marketing managers.  Read More

Social and email marketing integration



Converging Operational CRM and Social CRM

The global outlook towards social platform is transforming fast. Corporate have come to recognize social media as a serious way to engage and interact with customers. It has helped in changing the idea that customers aren’t only sets of leads or accounts but real people and simple ways of tracking isn’t sufficient to understand their true nature.  Read More

Operational CRM and Social CRM



Leverage the Power of Social Media to Become a Social Enterprise

Social media has brought in great deal of changes to how businesses were perceived earlier. It is no longer an over-the-counter transaction between the customer and the seller. Most companies are now striving to forge stronger relationship with clients and offer them personalized services and with this the importance of social media is growing. But things are said easier than done. Most brand managers and sales representatives are clueless on how to make their presence visible on social platforms, how to engage clients and how to process the information gathered from these sources.  Read More

Power of Social Media
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