How Outbound Communication and CRM Can Take Your Contact Center to the Next Level

Posted by Glory Eke

In the modern times, contact center systems have more to offer than before in terms of customer support. While multimodal approach is taken for granted in today’s world, but unfortunately, it was never the right custom to be followed in a contact centre, where agents are always challenged to meet customer’s communication expectations and needs. Read More

Killer Tactics to Launch Your Own Referral Marketing Campaign

Posted by Glory Eke

The newest trend on the marketing scene is referral marketing. Referral marketing is a strategic development in the marketing genre, which promises the growth of loyal customers, explosive visibility of your products and services, leading to fast paced astounding profits. Simply put, referral marketing which is also commonly known as word-of-mouth marketing, is nothing but the concept of people purchasing products based on someone else’s influence or opinions. Read More

Learn Lead Generation In The Next 30 Days With These 5 Pro Tips

Posted by Glory Eke

Let us forget about our product or service that we want to sell for a second. You can always pack it with a colorful little bow, and offer it at the best competitive pricing in the market- But most of times, none of this matters. Since, even with the best products and services, your offer will go unnoticed and your business is doomed to fail- if no one knows about it. The idea behind internet marketing is simple- Those with the most Leads wins. So, if you have the capacity of generating more leads, but have an average product- following these tips you still win. Read More

Why Your Predictive Dialer Needs To Have A CherryPicker Feature

Posted by RudyS

Predictive dialers are great tools, the next step in the evolution of contact/call center tools. But not all predictive dialers are created equal just like not all of your contacts have the same priority for your company. Read More

Close More Deals By Hyper-personalizing Your Sales Outreach

Posted by Dan

I’m sure you’ve heard of sales automation or of integrated applications of customizable sales tools that can be used to streamline the sales cycle. But it’s not as easy as it sounds, success in sales automation requires strategy. You must differentiate yourself from the thousands of other sales automators. Read More

White Paper : 7 Reasons Why Your B2B Demand Gen Sucks

Posted by Steve

Leads. It’s a loaded term, evoking at once both triumph and horror. The term also triggers many important questions: Why are the quality of leads so highly varied? Read More

How to Choose the Right Time Tracking Software

Posted by David Klein

The challenge to determine which time tracking software is right for your business.There are different ways your company could track their time using paper,excel, or a legacy system. ClickTime is the trusted timesheet management software of choice for thousands of customers worldwide. Read More

These 3 Facebook Ads Techniques Are Changing The Whole Advertising World Forever

Posted by StefanD

I’m not surprised that a lot of advertisers struggle with Facebook Ads. While reading this article, you will find that spending a fortune in Facebook Ads is useless, without the valuable information you will learn today. It has recently released some game-changer tools that only a few Facebook marketers still know. If you want to get out of the ground and start using the facebook techniques that work today, you’ve got those. Read More

How to Drive High Converting Traffic to Your Landing Page

Posted by Krishna Shastry

In online marketing, few topics get more attention than SEO and website traffic. And few, if any, marketing activities have more time, effort and many thrown in their direction.And here’s a hard, brutal truth: much of it is wasted! Read More

Desperate Moves That Ruin Sales…And How A CRM Can Help

Posted by Glory Eke

Once you are reading this article, we can very sure you must have seen sales scripts before. These are the Scripts which educates and show us exactly what to say to get a prospect’s business, in the shortest span of time. Read More