Alexa Facebook Marketing Mistakes To Avoid with Best CRM For Small Business

9 Facebook Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid While Using Best CRM For Small Business

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Now that Facebook has become the ‘de facto’ social focal point for just about everything on the internet, it is more important than ever for users of best CRM for small business to harness the full power of this social media platform or be left behind by those businesses that truly make use of Facebook.

In our previous article on how to create a custom Facebook audience from your easy to use ConvergeHub CRM for SMB, we have described how small businesses can use their CRM database to send targeted Facebook ad, by creating a list of the custom audience, to draw in prospects to their business websites.

93% of marketers use Facebook advertising regularly, which translates to about 3 million businesses that use Facebook to market their business.- Facebook Click To Tweet

While it might seem like that, all you need is a good page, a sound profile and some regular posts to get your contents really stand out in the crowd. However, the deluge of contents on Facebook often makes it hard to achieve that.

Fortunately, there are a number of common mistakes that can be avoided by owners of best CRM for small business on Facebook, that if fended off can beyond doubt help your brand excel in your targeted Facebook audience’s news feeds.

  1. Leaving Your Profile Incomplete

One of the most widespread yet easy-to-avoid mistakes that many small and medium businesses make is not filling up their profile diligently. Make sure that apart from appealing images your page has your organization’s address, hours, and other necessary contact information. While this might seem like a no-brainer stuff, but you will be really astonished to know how many businesses leave their profile incomplete and visually unappealing that ultimately makes them lose the footfall of many prospective visitors on their page.

  1. Failing to Promote Your Content

It is known to many, that Facebook’s algorithm is a complicated and tricky one. Therefore, while it might seem that just by sharing your content people will magically flock to it, but in reality, it is far too easy for your posts to get obscured by the avalanche of contents that gets posted on any user’s daily news feeds. Fortunately, Facebook has a plethora of built-in paid and free tools to help you promote your content and drive customers to your page.

  1. Ignoring Video Posts

According to Facebook’s own stats, it has been noted that business pages that regularly share video contents outperform image or text-based posts by up to 135 percent. However when you share your video, make sure that you are using Facebook’s native video player, as these video posts are ranked much higher by Facebook’s algorithms than embedding videos from other sides like Vimeo and YouTube.

  1. Failing to Engage Your Audience

Just creating and uploading post regularly is not enough. As a social media platform, Facebook is a place where people come together and share information. Audience engagement, therefore, plays a substantial part in Facebook’s algorithm.  Hence, to make your feeds to stand out in Facebook you need to engage your audience.  One of the most common and easiest means to do this is to create open-ended posts that encourage audiences to reply and replying to comments posted on your post. Therefore, create posts that ask open-ended questions by using your imagination.

  1. Posting too Sporadically

One of the main things about Facebook marketing is that owners of best CRM of small business who uses Facebook for fetching prospects and leads often forget to stay in the user’s news feeds. This means you need to upload your posts on a regular basis, maybe even multiple times in a day, depending on the demographic scale of your business. However, too many posts on Facebook can also make you to get un-followed. Therefore, look into how other businesses in your area are posting and then achieve the fine balance of how many posts you need to upload on Facebook everyday to keep your business growing.

  1. Making Your Page Difficult to Find or Share

Your Facebook page just like your business website is essentially the “face” of your business. However, if you assume that users will automatically find your Facebook page, just after you have created it, you are wrong in your assumptions. Therefore, use Facebook widgets like “share” button of your Facebook page along with your Facebook page’s URL on your website, other official materials, and on your business cards. In other words, link your Facebook page in as many places as possible.

In addition, always remember that your website, Twitter profile, Facebook and other social media profiles use the same name, title or keywords so that your audience can easily find and share your posts.

  1. Not Informing Your Followers Before You Go Live

Since Facebook introduced the Facebook Live feature in 2015, this has become one of the most popular ways to engage your audience. According to Facebook, the use of Facebook Live has risen 330% since its inception to the present times. Moreover, Facebook’s algorithm promotes live videos more than any other posts on its platform. Therefore, if you plan in advance and promote your Facebook Live posts you will certainly find more interactions and hence more engagements on your wall.

  1. Failing to Harness the Power of Giveaway

Everyone loves free stuff. Hence, small and medium businesses must take advantage of this instinctive human liking for free stuffs by using Facebook as a platform for giveaways.

For example, not long ago, we at ConvergeHub developed a Free Lead Generation software and promoted it as a giveaway among our followers on Facebook, who likes our post as one of the best small business CRM software.

However always check out Facebook’s rules and guidelines for giveaways before you post your awards and contents online.

  1. Not Having an Overall Strategy

If you are using Facebook for marketing for your brand, you must consider why you are using this social media platform over others. Hence, look before you jump right into promoting your posts, providing giveaways, buying ads or sharing your live videos online.


Many small businesses merely join Facebook because they know they should do it, but are not aware of their overall social media strategies and goals for marketing their brands.

Therefore, create your social media marketing goals before using Facebook. Are looking for retaining your existing customers, attract new leads, open a new market, or boost your online sales?

Hence, if you are already using the best small business CRM software for taking care of your customers and your sales and marketing leads, the best way to understand the complex world of Facebook marketing is to hire a social media marketer and then create a strategy for marketing, before you place your brand on this most popular social media website.

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