Alexa How Automation In All In One CRM Can Reduce Documentation Works

How Automation In All In One CRM Can Reduce Documentation Works Easily

CRM | by Patricia Jones
All in one CRM

In modern times educated and connected customers expect the salespeople to remain available at any given point of time to provide, direct, immediate, and tailored responses to their issues. This is because investing too much time on activities apart from selling is no longer an option if sales reps are to meet their demands in the companies.
Therefore to avoid falling behind, sales teams in all organizations must arm them with business growth technology and tools like an all in one CRM that aid in maximizing productivity and efficiency and allow them to concentrate on important things: the customer and driving in revenue.

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Now, this is no longer a secret that salespersons do spend a lot of time performing activities outside of selling.

According to a survey done by CSO Insights, only 36 percent of sales rep’s time is focused on primary sales functions as a large number of their working hours are instead spent on conducting admin and other manual tasks, several of which stem from the workflows and processes that are required to generate documents, and so in order to make sales teams more successful and highly functional this less impactful activities must be automated with the help of an all in one CRM tool for sales and revenue growth.

Therefore, since it is inevitable that if documents are created manually there is likely going to be issues and problems, hence here are a few common problems that generate from manual document generation processes:

Improper visibility into the status of the documents

Documents that are not stored and gathered in a centralized repository (like a CRM database) and hence cannot be tracked leads to compromised and improper visibility.

This is the reason why when many times sales teams are required to answer questions quickly it becomes a time-consuming, challenging, and unreliable activity when a central repository of data does not exist and so it requires searching through a plethora of resources such as local drives and sent emails.

Inconsistent document formatting and branding

When sales reps in your organization generate and distribute documents manually it is impossible to make sure that the documents will have a consistent feel and look which is in accordance with your company’s branding.

This is because when documents sent to customers and prospects are not consistent in their look and branding, this inconsistency most often erodes the company’s brand integrity and can diminish the company’s image and reputation among its consumers in the marketplace.

Copying and pasting

While this may seem natural, nevertheless copying and pasting to create contents for any document wastes valuable time and at the same instance makes way for introducing errors, which can not only cause delays but also creates reworks in the sales process, which becomes a cause of frustration for both sales and customers of your offerings.

Therefore, to help solve these issues, sales teams need a process that can automatically produce a document (Excel spreadsheet, Word Document, or an HTML email) that can help to streamline the entire sales process and eliminate the pain points by:

Gaining enhanced visibility into documents

Once you buy CRM and use it as document generation software it helps in saving a true-copy of the document generated in the company’s CRM database, that in turn permits every member in the organization to find more visibility into the documents (such as date and time when the document was created and sent) as well as provide transparency in referencing the document contents for more visibility across other departments in the organization.

Therefore, by storing documents inside their easy to use CRM platforms sales and support teams can easily locate and find a reference for quick access to document contents during customer interactions which increase sales, and boost customer relationship and productivity.

Creating brand consistency

Once you buy an all in one CRM company leaderships and sales teams no longer are required to worry about sending documents with irregular banding and inconsistencies thanks to the business growth technology that incorporates document generation functionalities within the CRM software.

Instead, CRM software can build common document types and store them for use in the CRM database that is predefined and can be easily managed, to make sure that the current version of the document is distributed to the prospects and the customers.

Abolishing manual copying and pasting of data into a new document

In this instance, one or more templates are created beforehand and used when a document is required to be developed, which easily eliminates the requirement to copy and paste data from other unreliable sources, preventing errors that can happen when it is done manually.

Hence once you buy business CRM to eliminate copying and pasting (which is also a labor-intensive activity) creating documents by using automation saves time and adds to productivity.

In a report published by Aberdeen Group, it has also been shown that using an easy to use CRM for abolishing copying and pasting even shortens the length of the sales cycles as it helps in generating quotes quickly and automatically in the target language of the customers with the correct set of terms and conditions making sure and providing accuracy and consistent world-class brand experience for the prospects and customers across quotes.


Therefore document generation plays a central role in the sales cycle and so once you buy CRM it empowers the sales teams to create sales process optimization through the support of document generation solutions helping sales reps to focus on the most important aspect of selling which in turn boosts business growth.

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