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How B2B Companies Can Turn Their Inbound Leads into Loyal Customers

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Winning new businesses has never been so challenging as it is today since in the present time both digital upstarts and existing market players compete to win customers, and therefore brands using easy to use CRM solutions need to make the most of new business opportunities to thrive and survive in this highly competitive marketplace.

Now, mostly it is the company that knocks on the prospect’s doors. Therefore, in rare cases when a B2B company is fortunate enough to have prospects arrive knocking, it should immediately roll out the red carpet, throw open the doors and cater to that individual’s needs.

20 percent personalization of emails leads to two times the email opening and reply rate. - Salesloft Click To Tweet

However, unfortunately not all B2B establishments do this when prospective customers express interest in demos.

Therefore here a three fruitful ways B2B companies can (and should) position themselves to drive in maximum value from prospect demo request:

  1. Strike While The Iron Is Hot

When prospects in your easy to use CRM database are willing and ready to schedule a demo, businesses need to act fast and make it convenient and easy for the prospects to take actions.

Always keep in mind that hot leads only stay for a short time, for those hot leads that stays too long can very quickly become cool or get waylaid by hungry competitors in the marketplace.

Therefore, when your sales reps fail to respond in a timely manner to a qualified sales-ready inbound lead, it is often due to lack of an effective business tool like an easy to use CRM which rectifies human errors.

Now, the good news is that brands are slowly getting better at answering inbound leads.

The two most important factors that have contributed to this positive development are a dramatic improvement in sales and marketing technologies and a decrease in the prices of products and services all across the globe.

This is because, brands in the competitive marketplace nowadays understands the value of being first to get engaged with a prospective lead, and know that responding within five minutes or even less at times yields the best possible results.

Hence, one can assume a lead is both available and interested to get engaged if that prospect is reached out at a particular time, since all bets go off once minutes, hours and days pass that makes the lead fall through the crack.

  1. Make Demo Scheduling Easy

Many B2B organizations entice their prospects with demos, which is an effective approach for B2B brands with complex offerings that requires managing implementation and setup, like easy to use CRM software vendors and many others in the B2B marketplace.

This is because, when prospective customer’s interest levels are at their peak, providing them an effortless way to commit to a product or service demonstration of your offerings aid to lock down the opportunity.

Moreover providing a demo even satisfies that prospect since it provides instant gratification to their needs.

Now, if you are a startup organization and is using a Salesforce Alternative CRM solution for your small business, it is a wonderful business tool that makes scheduling frictionless for prospects and customers, which can otherwise also be done by putting demo calendars on their business websites or embedding such functionalities in an automatically generated email response.
Nevertheless, one thing that B2B organizations must take care to avoid is employing ‘social auto-fill’, as this method needs prospects to click on a social button like LinkedIn or Facebook or any other social platforms that require entering personal information in the fields, which is most often denounced as an infringement on their privacy by B2B customers.

In other words, asking for “social auto-fill’ for providing a demo to an inbound prospective lead is maybe asking too much from the prospects too soon, as less is more when it comes to requesting prospect information to a demo.

  1. Use Persistent and Personalized Communications

Another great way to get engaged with prospective customers throughout their life-cycle with your brand is to use personalized and professionally persistent massages using easy to use CLM CRM software.

Personalization exemplifies that sale reps have invested their time in understanding the prospect.
In a recent survey, done by Salesloft (which offers products focused on sales development) showed that just 20 percent personalization of emails which can be done by speedily using MA (Marketing Automation) integrated into easy to use CRM software leads to two times the email opening and reply rate.

Surprisingly in the same survey on B2B organizations, it has been found that 82 percent of B2B brands ask for phone numbers on their lead generation forms, but even less than a third of the leads submitted receive phone calls or voice messages from the brands that asked for such information.

Therefore, it is advised always remember to follow up on the warm lead with personalized messages, and never be afraid to pick up the phone as doing so will make you enjoy better response rate and help your business to prosper and reach its goals.

Bottom Line

The state of sales in today’s marketplace calls for multichannel modern tools like easy to use CRM software solutions that offers frictionless user experiences and so B2B organizations must take the effort and time to ensure their prospects, customers and also their sales teams the use of right technology so that they can leverage a higher-level view of their prospects and customers, allowing more business to be closed with personalized messages leading to rapid business growth .

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