Alexa Christmas Sales Strategy That Boost Sales & Increase Engagements

6 Christmas Sales Strategy That Can Easily Boost Sales And Increase Engagements

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Christmas sales strategy

This is the season for businesses across the world to see their bottom line on their income statement (profit and loss). Hence with Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday just around the corner, this is indeed a great time to review your sales goals and develop a Christmas sales strategy to meet them through your holiday sales strategy for business growth.

So what will your business do to ensure that your offerings are top of the mind of your customers as they make spending decisions during this holiday season starting from Black Friday through the end of the year?

Online holiday sales to increase 25%-35% for the 2020 season and reach $182-$196 billion for ecommerce sales in November, December and January - Deloitte Click To Tweet

As one of the leading vendors of Salesforce Alternative CRM tools here we have illustrated six ways upon which your business can build its holiday marketing campaigns which can help you boost holiday sales this season for harvesting more than ever before revenue growth.

1. Offer special discounts to loyal customers

Why not treat your customers to a holiday gift – from you to them, as a part of your Christmas sales strategy this year?

Hence offer special discounts to your most loyal and best customers on the things they buy the most, offering deals that they just cannot refuse on the things they buy, since as one of the popular vendors of easy to use CRM, we think this is a great way to say Happy Kwanzaa, Merry Christmas, or Happy Hanukkah to your most loyal customers.

Always, remember that it usually costs a lot more for any business to acquire new customers than to retain the existing ones.

Another way to approach holiday sales might even be to offer these loyal customers of your brand an even bigger discount when they refer your business to their family and friends… and those referrals ultimately make a purchase.

2. Personalize Emails

Mostly for online ecommerce stores, but for even for any other business that uses a sales CRM, has their email addresses and any other basic information on their customer’s base sales history, it is great to be able to personalize and send emails by including their names and pertinent details and even suggestion for an item that you might think they would like based on their order history stored in the CRM database.

3. Provide gift certificates

You maybe are a hairdresser, automotive repair shop, maid service, a web developer, or a professional organizer – so how do you gift these things?

With gift certificates, of course.

Who would not love a new hairstyle, a free oil change, and tire rotation, or a house cleaning during this holiday season?

Moreover, gift certificates are even a great opportunity to cross-sell, when you have tons of products and services for the consumers of your offerings.

Hence promote your gift certificates on social media channels or send them to your customers on your email list.

4. Cross-sell

The months that lead up to the holidays are an excellent time to suggest items to go with the products and services that your customers are already purchasing from your brand.

Maybe a customer has bought a beautiful set of earrings last year, so suggest the customer a matching necklace for this holiday season, or if you are a hairdresser you can cross-sell a salon-quality hair conditioner and a shampoo set since cross-selling is a great way to add value to your existing customers and so increase your holiday sale.

5. Send gift ideas

Another Christmas sales strategy that you can use this holiday season is sending an email filled with gift ideas tailored and customized to the people on your list with heading like “great gifts for co-workers”, “gifts for mon” or “gift for neighbors”, etc.

For this find out what are your brand’s most popular items and who buys them, and thereafter share that info with the people on your mailing list.

Remember people will be grateful for it since most people run short of gift ideas during the holiday seasons for several hard-to-buy-for personas in their list.

6. Offer free shipping or special deliveries

Who does not love a surprise?

Hence don’t be afraid to think out-of-the-box to boost your holiday sales.

Now if you are running a small e-commerce store, it is no secret that your business is competing with giant global retailers like Walmart and Amazon that are providing multiple choices for fast, free shipping.

Therefore, offering free shipping to your customers is another great way to craft the customer experience around waiting for and receiving their purchases during the holiday season which can increase your brand’s revenue growth.


Finally, to make your customers know that they are appreciated, send them a “thank you” card this holiday season that has nothing to do with trying to sell them anything- they will love you for it.

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