Alexa What are Five most critical questions in CRM, how crm help SMB

What are Five most critical questions in CRM

CRM | by Patricia Jones
ConvergeHub answers five critcal question about CRM

What are Five most critical questions in CRM, get the answer from the leader in CRM for SMB. It has been a successful completion of two years and five months for ConvergeHub. Launched at June 2013, ConvergeHub has grown at an impressive speed and attained a stupendous position in the CRM market. All thanks to your love and support that ConvergeHub has managed to attain a massive user base across continents.

The entire two years and five months span, have been a learning process for us where we have come across different types of customers. While every customer has had specific CRM requirements, there are a few questions that have been asked by all.

Assuming that these are the common priorities for all CRM-buying business owners – we have jotted down the answers to these questions in this blog. Any and every business owner planning to invest in ConvergeHub can get their most common doubts answered, at one shot here. Take a look –

1. How is ConvergeHub different from other CRMs?

In a market of 240+ CRMs, it is difficult for any new product to demonstrate innovation and uniqueness. However, ConvergeHub has been able to break through the 240+ CRM pack and gain advantage over BIG Players – due to its expanded functionality.

In spite of being a CRM, ConvergeHub is not limited to basic customer relationship management. On taking a detailed tour of the product, you will find four main modules integrated within the software – SALES, MARKETING, SERVICE & COLLABORATION. So while other CRMs only allow you to take care of your customers after sales, ConvergeHub empowers you to manage your customers and collaborate with them right from the stage of marketing to sales and service.

2. What features does ConvergeHub offer?

ConvergeHub functions as a comprehensive Business Management Platform. So you get to access a broad suite of features that otherwise is not available or partially available in other CRMs. For instance, CRM vendors do not provide BPM within the solution, like ConvergeHub does. Sometimes this is an additional cost as a separate module or it is provided via a third party vendor.

Our list of compelling features include:

3. What are the six popular integrations within ConvergeHub?

QuickBooks Online & Offline: ConvergeHub is a select CRM software that offers tight integration with QuickBooks Online and Offline. Using this functionality, you can synchronize Customers, Contacts, Products and Invoices between both the platforms and perform multiple crucial functions from one source point.

DocuSign: ConvergeHub has partnered with DocuSign to offer a seamless document management experience to all its users. You can send contracts for signature directly from ConvergeHub. Recipients just receive a link in email to sign the agreement. Within seconds they can sign it—anytime, anywhere, on any device. This completes transactions faster, lowers document management costs and streamlines all agreements in one system.

Google Apps: ConvergeHub offers integration with Google Mail, Google Contacts and Google Calendar. Using these three apps within ConvergeHub makes it easier for your business to collaborate, communicate and share information, all in a single, centralized place.

Microsoft Outlook: ConvergeHub provides Microsoft Outlook Plug-in in its Apps Store, using which you can easily integrate all your Outlook emails, contacts, tasks and calendars within ConvergeHub database. In addition to this, Outlook displays ConvergeHub as a folder within the Navigation Pane that enables you to get all the ConvergeHub data in one area of Outlook.

GoToMeeting: ConvergeHub has gone ahead to integrate with the world’s renowned online meeting and collaboration solution, to let you do Simple and Quick Web Conferencing Anytime Anywhere! Right from screen sharing to HD video conferencing and audio conferencing, you can conduct any form of online meetings with your clients, colleagues or business associates from within ConvergeHub.

Twilio: ConvergeHub has integrated with the much renowned Twilio App that offers telephony infrastructure web service in the cloud. Now you can make calls directly from the CRM platform and add call details to the contacts for easy follow-up. You can even send messages with up to 1600 characters to local, toll-free, and short-code numbers.

4. What makes ConvergeHub right for any business?

Critically acclaimed and Award-winning Solution: Till date, ConvergeHub has received positive reviews from CRM experts such as Chuck Schaeffer and Rich Bohn. Also it has been a Semi-Finalist at 2014 CRM Idol Awards and named Community Choice Honoree in the 2014 and 2015 Small Business Influencer Awards.

Easily Customizable: ConvergeHub allows easy customization. Users with admin privileges can comfortably make changes to it, without any involvement of coding or technical wizardry.

Way more than CRM: ConvergeHub offers benefits and features of a Complete Business Management Solution at the basic cost of a CRM. Using ConvergeHub, you do not have to invest on separate marketing automation, billing, email management, document management and project management solutions. ConvergeHub provides an all-inclusive solution to meet your organization-wide requirements.

Light on the Pocket: ConvergeHub offers a variety of packages that suit all business types and sizes. Its basic package starts from $11 per month per user and goes to $29 per month per user. Check out the pricing page for complete details of all the three packages.

Note: FREE TRIAL is also offered, to help you get a feel of the application at no single penny.

5. What kind of customer support is provided with ConvergeHub?

Our commitment to customers doesn’t end once their ConvergeHub accounts get up and running. We offer a comprehensive and on-time after-sales service package to customers across the world. For any questions, complaints, doubts and feedbacks, customers can contact us via any of the three mediums: Email, Phone and Ticket. Our team of dedicated support professionals are always listening and happy to help 24/7!

Having mentioned the above points, we hope that we are able to cover 70% of your queries. For further clarifications on how Customer Relationship Management software ConvergeHub is the best for your business – we are always available for a one-on-one discussion.

Use our contact us page to get in touch with us right away. Also, we communicate through blog and through Twitter (@convergehub).

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