Alexa CRM Productivity Hacks For Saving Time And Money

CRM Productivity Hacks For Saving Time And Money Using ConvergeHub

Productivity | by Patricia Jones
CRM Productivity Hacks For Saving Time And Money Using ConvergeHub

Talking about CRM Productivity Hacks, in all businesses be it large or small, owners are often challenged to maintain the difficult balance between trying to get the maximum out of their workforce while keeping their employees happy.

Hence, to make your employees work smarter and not harder, instead of micromanaging, let us try to find other ways to streamline your office process that can make your employees’ job easier.

In this article, we will highlight and take a closer look at what many successful companies have already found about increasing productivity that has helped them to grow their bottom-line.

Break Up Big Projects For Better Delegation

Large-scale assignments can be fearsome, especially when a small group of employees is carrying the weight on their shoulders.

However,  to foster a collaborative environment using an all-hands-on deck approach not only helps your employees to spend more time on solving problems but also save time and money for productivity as they can see the big-picture before deciding their next move.

Hence, it is necessary that you must grant your employees true autonomy, by setting small goals and expectations and providing them the liberty to control their budget for getting things done.

It is true that you pay your most experienced and talented employees enhanced salaries for a reason. Therefore, instead of letting them spend their time on minor details of the project, you can rather devise a system whereby less experienced employees can take care of the project’s grunt works.

Prioritize Tasks and Set Up Workflows

Teamwork is capable of expediting a project, but it is also necessary that we must stay organized. Hence, setting up objective benchmarks for all individuals ensures that your team forges ahead seamlessly.

For example, if you are setting up a house, you cannot start working on the framework unless you have laid its foundation. Therefore, you should always plan ahead and chart out all the details of the project and then set up deadlines and schedules that help in keeping your employees accountable and productive.

One best method for doing this is to list task in order of importance and set up weekly and monthly goals to help the most essentials works get done first. If you know what is CRM, you can also use this platform for automatic task creation by using marketing automation which can act as an unique CRM productivity hack for enhancing your project management skills.

What would be a good ironsmith without his tools? Similarly, it is necessary to keep your desk area clean and organized so that you can maximize your productivity.

Providing necessary tools that your project team needs to accomplish their tasks always helps you to get the project completed in time.

Organizing is the key to smooth running of your workplace. While delivering a project as it is important that you must have enough supplies on hand, it is also vital that you should not waste precious operational funds on overstocking items unnecessarily.

Keep the Office Organized to Accelerate Performance

Many project management teams in small business benefits with CRM platform by letting the system monitor their usage. This helps them to understand what and when they need to order their supplies for delivering their projects in time.

For instance, if you are using ConvergeHub CRM for SMB, you can use QuickBooks for accounting, Google Drive for taking care of your file management and DocuSign for facilitating electronic exchanges of contracts and signed documents. All these applications can be easily integrated into the CRM system for better management of your projects.

Put A Check On Work-Life Balance

Lastly, while your business and work may be the central focus in your life, it is even more necessary that you must create the right type of work environment that keeps your employees happy, which is important for your company’s long-term growth.


Hence, before you hire someone new, be certain that you are getting the maximum output from your existing team, which can be only monitored through an effective organizing software, like a CRM, which helps you to make your office work like a well-oiled machine.

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