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Does your CRM guarantee you more leads?

Sales | by Patricia Jones
CRM guarantee for more leads

Does your CRM guarantee you more leads? It has become an essential business tool for today’s customer centric organizations. The purpose of this software is to help businesses organize their activities around their customers and generate more revenue by doing so. A good CRM solution is a combination of many things. It not only helps in tracking customer interactions but also provides with complete sales and marketing solutions, reporting and analytics. The purpose is to streamline operation, automate mundane and grow business by forming foolproof strategies based on the customer history offered by the software. So, in order to justify your CRM selection you must ask yourself ‘will it help me in generating more customers?’

The answer to the above question is more important for small businesses. They are not only resource strapped but need to be quick and responsive to close more sales to keep up with the goliaths in the market. A CRM strategy can make or break a successful small business.

SMBs need a business CRM equipped with smart lead capturing abilities. It must present an analytical view of the operation that will help them identify sales opportunities at the earliest. Small and medium enterprises therefore must stay focused on choosing contacts management software that comes with equally powerful sales tools.

  • Immediate lead capturing: Capturing leads from all sources – inbound calls, outbound calls, email solicitation, marketing campaigns, web-to-lead, social media etc. The CRM will directly capture the leads generated through web forms.
  • Social media leads: Best small business CRM helps you map your path on the social sites allowing you to capture more leads from social interactions.
  • Lead nurturing: The best small business CRM software allows you to form stronger bonds with your existing clientele at different stages of customer lifecycle.
  • Leads filtering: Effective lead filtering intelligence categorizes leads based on their ‘hotness’ so that you can focus on more interested prospects to optimize your sales efforts.

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